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March 2009


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Kayu Ara needs an urgent facelift 03/03/2009 The Star By YIP YOKE TENG
KAYU Ara may not be the most vibrant zone in Petaling Jaya but it certainly has a pivotal role in the maintenance of the image of the dynamic city. It is the western gateway for motorists from Shah Alam and Subang Jaya travelling

Flora Damansara folks left high and dry 03/03/2009 NST By Noel Achariam
PETALING JAYA: More than 2,500 families in Flora Damansara have been forced to carry pails of water up to their high-rise units for the past three days after supply to their condominium units was cut off. Syarikat Bekalan Air

Bills not paid, so water supply to condominium cut 03/03/2009 The Star
Flora Damansara Joint Management Body (JMB) chairman Ho Fook Chuan said the JMB took over the management of the condominium in October and had been trying to get record of payments from the management. “They haven’t

Cracks they fear 05/03/2009 The Malay Mail By Ng Suzhen
WHEN cracks were found under the building and along the drainage system of Segar Apartments, residents became worried, especially in light of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy. Fearful of a potential disaster, they

Abandoned project set to be revived 06/03/2009 The Star By CHARLES FERNANDEZ
WHEN former students of the Convent Seremban see pictures of the abandoned site where their school once stood, they cannot help but feel sad. They have fond memories of the school and although some have claimed that its

SPNB rehabilitates 73 abandoned housing projects 05/03/2009 The Star
KUANTAN: Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) has rehabilitated 73 abandoned housing projects nationwide, involving 23,089 houses, until last January, its chairman Senator Datuk Azian Osman said recently. He

Six years and still can't move in yet 06/03/2009 NST
BENTONG: They've been waiting for more than six years, and it looks like 24 buyers of the medium-cost flats in Taman Perdana Raya, Karak, won't be moving in any time soon. The three-storey building was completed in 2007,

What happened to Country Heights 2? 07/03/2009 The Star
I read your article on Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew and his success and philosophy. While I agree with you that Country Heights Kajang and Mines were relatively a success, I am surprised that the article made absolutely no mention

Dialogue session on stalled project hits a snag
07/03/2009 The Star By ALLISON LAI
MALACCA: Efforts by the state to revive the stalled RM1.4bil Pulau Melaka island reclamation project off the Bandar Hilir coast, hit a snag Wednesday when liquidators and state officials failed to reach a settlement. Answers needed: Some 500 property buyers at the dialogue session with the state and liquidators over the stalled project.

Government may subsidise developers 07/03/2009 The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: The Government is considering subsidising the construction of low-cost houses by private developers due to rising costs. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan said the current

Homeowners shocked to find houses not issued with CFs 09/03/2009 The Star
BENTONG: Some 24 home owners here had discovered that they have yet to receive their Certificate of Fitness (CFs) from the local authority. They were also shocked to find that the houses have no electricity and water.

HOUSING PLANS: Govt should keep track of such projects 10/03/2009 NST By : S.K., Kuala Lumpur
Thousands of families have been affected by abandoned housing projects. I REFER to your report "Govt takes win-win steps to give housing a better deal" (NST, March 1). Will the steps, which appear to be developer-biased, ensure

Taps start to flow again at Flora Damansara condo 10/03/2009 The Star By OH ING YEEN
THE water supply to the Flora Damansara Condominium in Petaling Jaya has been restored a week after Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) cut it off, Flora Damansara Residents Association chairman Abdul Hakim Amir said.

Developers hopeful interest relief will boost house sales 11/03/2009 The Star By Angie Ng
PETALING JAYA: Developers are hopeful that the government’s tax relief on interest paid on housing loans of up to RM10,000 a year for three years which will lower the tax bracket for house buyers, promote stronger buying interest

Perks for house buyers encouraging 11/03/2009 The Star
NATIONAL House Buyers’ Association secretary-general Chang Kim Loong said the RM200mil allocation for the construction of low-cost houses would benefit buyers. “It is good that the Government is doing something to

Double blow for businessman 11/03/2009 The Star By YIP YOKE TENG
THE plight of Azman Shah Mohamad gives an insight on the price a resident in Petaling Jaya has to pay in the name of progress. The first property he bought in Petaling Jaya became an abandoned project and the second he

Buying Homes: Check the fine print first 11/03/2009 NST CHANG KIM LOONG, Hon. secretary-general, National House Buyers' Association
Choices will be in abundance, discounts galore and gifts of cash and attractive financing deals this is the order of

BUYING HOMES: Clear stalled projects
11/03/2009 NST CHANG SZE MAY, Shah Alam
My mother bought an Andorra apartment at Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam in 2002, and the agreement with the developer was that the project would be completed in three years. The project is now stalled.

Buyers desperate to move in 12/03/2009 The Star Story and photos by STUART MICHAEL
APARTMENT and shoplot owners of Selayang City Point want a confirmation from the developer on when they will receive their keys to move in. The owners are fuming as they are paying the monthly instalment for their units as

20 tahun menanti rumah 12/03/2009 Utusan Online Oleh Nazmil Nasiruddin
SEBAHAGIAN pembeli melihat keadaan rumah mereka di Taman Lingkaran Nur, Kajang yang terbengkalai sejak 20 tahun lalu – UTUSAN/MOHD. SAIFUDIN RASHID KAJANG 11 Mac - Masalah rumah terbengkalai adalah antara isu

HOUSING PROJECTS: Build-then-sell is the best way to go 13/03/2009 NST By : CHANG KIM LOONG for National Housebuyers Association, Kuala Lumpur
I REFER to the letter on abandoned housing projects from S.K. ("Govt should keep track of such projects" -- NST, March 10). The problem of abandoned housing projects that leave a trail of havoc in their wake is brought about by

SPNB pulih projek Taman Sungai Karang Darat 13/03/2009 Utusan Online
KUANTAN 12 Mac - Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) akan memulihkan projek perumahan Taman Sungai Karang Darat 1, Jalan Beserah dekat sini yang terbengkalai kira-kira 10 tahun lalu. Eksekutif Kanan SPNB

Council: Important to set up joint management body 13/03/2009 The Star
SOME 400 high-rise residential buildings in Seberang Prai will be given more time to set up a Joint Management Body (JMB) for each building. Seberang Prai Municipal councillor Soon Lip Chee said they will hold awareness

Serah projek rumah gagal kepada SPNB 16/03/2009 Utusan Online
KUANTAN 15 Mac – Pemaju perumahan yang tidak mampu menyiapkan projek kerana dibelenggu masalah kewangan, diminta untuk menyerahkannya kepada Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB). Pengerusi

Firma guaman bantu urus wang 16/03/2009 Utusan Online
SHAH ALAM 15 Mac – Selangor bercadang melantik firma guaman yang akan berfungsi sebagai 'orang tengah' dalam soal menguruskan pergerakan kewangan di antara pemaju dan pembeli rumah di negeri itu.

500 kecewa projek terbengkalai 16/03/2009 BH Oleh Badrul Hizar Ab Jabar
MELAKA: Kepesatan pembangunan sekitar Bandar Hilir yang dikelilingi beberapa taman perumahan dan bangunan komersial belum dapat dinikmati kira-kira 500 pembeli projek perumahan dan lot bangunan di Pulau Melaka. Ia

Rodents scurrying around garbage area a common sight at Kasturi Tiara 16/03/2009 The Star Story and photos by GEETHA KRISHNAN
IMAGINE walking out of your apartment block and having a large rat crawl up your leg in search of food. This happened to Kasturi Tiara Apartments Phase 2 resident T. Muniamah, 51, who wanted to run some errands last

CF issued to apartments despite no water, electricity supply 16/03/2009 NST By Noel Achariam
Segambut member of parliament Lim Lip Eng (second from left) with home owners outside their apartment block protesting the non-supply of water and electricity. KUALA LUMPUR: Nearly a year after getting their keys, the

Peruntukan SPNB RM200 juta 17/03/2009 Oleh YULPISMAN ASLI
KUANTAN 16 Mac - Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd. (SPNB) telah menerima peruntukan tambahan sebanyak RM200 juta di bawah Bajet Mini 2009 yang diumumkan oleh kerajaan baru-baru ini untuk membina lebih banyak

HOUSING PROJECTS: Ministry must take a clear stand 18/03/2009 NST By : S.K. , Kuala Lumpur
I REFER to Chang Kim Loong's advice to house buyers in his letters "Check the fine print first" (NST, March 11) and "Build-then-sell is the best way to go" (NST, March 13). I commend and thank Chang and his team at the National

Taps run dry due to unpaid bills 19/03/2009 The Star By Tho Xin Yi
OUTSTANDING water bills amounting to RM52,865.52 as of yesterday led to the disconnection of water supply at the Subang Permai Apartment in USJ 1. The residents in the 260 units in the apartment found out that water

Electricity supply given to those who paid deposit 23/03/2009 NST
Flashback of our report on March 16. KUALA LUMPUR: Refuting recent claims by owners, the developer of Plaza Medan Putra said electricity supply had been available at the apartments since early last year. Responding to an

Mayor says developers have to complete projects on time 24/03/2009 The Star
JOHOR BARU: The Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) has received several complaints from the public over developers who did not complete their housing projects on time. Johor Baru City Council Mayor Datuk Naim Nasir said that the

Projek bermasalah Pulau Melaka akan diatasi 24/03/2009
MELAKA 23 Mac - Masalah projek perumahan dan pembangunan di Pulau Melaka yang terbengkalai sejak empat tahun lalu dijangka dapat diatasi apabila ia diambil alih oleh kerajaan negeri.

HOUSE PURCHASE: Just scrap the old system altogether 24/03/2009 NST By : CHANG KIM LOONG for National House Buyers Association, Kuala Lumpur
The disadvantages of the sell-then-build system are obvious to all. I REFER to the letter "Ministry must take a clear

Sewage stinks up lakeside residence 24/03/2009 NST By Kristina George
SEPANG: Louis Jeremiah and his wife had looked forward to a quiet and pleasant retirement by the lakeside in Taman Tasik Cempaka in Pantai Sepang Putra here. However, they soon discovered that the idyllic picture which

e-Payment system for home loans 25/03/2009 NST
PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants can now service their home loans with even more ease and convenience, thanks to an e-Payment system launched by the government.

Selangor to revive abandoned housing projects 25/03/2009 NST By Sharen Kaur
Selangor aims to revive a third of 147 abandoned housing projects in the state over the next one year. The projects cover more than 50,000 houses, worth some RM5 billion in total and they have been sitting idle since 1997.

Civil servants can pay housing loan via e-Bayaran 25/03/2009 The Star
PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants can now pay their housing loans via e-Bayaran, says Treasury secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah. He said the Government’s reason for starting e-Bayaran was to facilitate an

Shop owners at mall form association 25/03/2009 The Star
IN A bid to resolve problems and safeguard the interest of parcel owners at Sungei Wang Plaza, the Sungei Wang Plaza Owners Association was formed recently. The association will act as a liaison point between individual parcel

Building site posing a health hazard 25/03/2009 The Star By Adrian Phung
IMPROPER sewage management at the One Menerung Apartment construction site in Jalan Damansara has resulted in an unhealthy environment for the residents in the area.

Dispute over roads to condominium 26/03/2009 The Star By Tan Karr Wei
RESIDENTS of several areas in Petaling Jaya are involved in a hot dispute over the placement of access roads to a condominium near their homes. The residents from SS1 and Section 22 had in February registered their protest

Tribunal award to house buyer suspended as developer wants civil court ruling 27/03/2009
Kota Kinabalu: The Housing Purchasers Claims Tribunal Thursday ordered the developer of Taman Canggih in Menggatal, here, to compensate RM9,807.10 to a couple over the late delivery of their house.

MPAJ to reassess use of Bahasa Malaysia for names of housing projects 28/03/2009 The Star By Fazleena Aziz
THE Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) is reassessing the use of Bahasa Malaysia fully for the naming of new housing projects. At the recent full board meeting, the councillors pointed out that the use of the Bahasa Malaysia

Hunt on for tax defaulters 30/03/2009 The Star By Fazleena Aziz
THE Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) went on an operation blitz to track down assessment rate defaulters on Friday. Their target was the Pantai Panorama Condominium in Pantai Dalam.

Abandoned project poses risks 31/03/09 THE STAR Story and photo by STUART MICHAEL
AN abandoned apartment project along the main road in Section 20, Shah Alam, is turning into a haunt for drug addicts and an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, in addition to being an eyesore in the otherwise clean and


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