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Ipoh land deal under agency's investigation 01/01/1998 NST
IPOH, Wed. - The State Anti-Corruption Agency is investigating the alienation of 10.4ha of land in Jalan Tun Dr Ismail-Jalan Golf to certain people by the State Government. State ACA director Shaharudin Puteh confirmed that a report had been lodged by DAP Teluk Intan Member of Parliament M. Kulasegaran today.

Govt memory lapse? 03/01/1998 MM By Rosma Omar
THE Selangor Government seems to have a short memory. Even policies made two years ago have been forgotten. This memory lapse has led to it approving the application by Sime-UEP to convert Taman Subang Ria, a 15-year-old 40-hectare recreational park in Subang Jaya, for mixed development.

Poser over nod for Subang Ria project 03/01/1998 NST-LTIMES By Nuraina Samad
WHY the Selangor Government approved the application by Sime-UEP to develop Taman Subang Ria is a mystery. It is unimaginable that the State Executive Council approved the project with the knowledge that the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council under which the area was previously administered, had rejected applications by Sime-UEP to develop it. What could have possibly possessed the State Executive Council to approve the application knowing fully well that Subang Jaya is so overdeveloped and Taman Subang Ria is about the only green area left for residents.

State Govt: Subang Ria development not approved 04/01/1998 NSUNT By Sa'odah Elias
SHAH ALAM, Sat. - In a curious turn to the Subang Ria controversy, the State Government today said it had never approved any application from Sime-UEP to develop the recreational area for commercial purposes. The State Exco for Local Council, Urbanisation, Infrastructure and Squatters, Datuk Fuad Hassan, said as far as the State Government was concerned, the status of the land remained that of recreational.

Stop-work order on builder lifted 05/01/1998 MM
THE stop-work order slapped on a developer of five projects along Jalan 16/9, Petaling Jaya, for breaching planning conditions has been lifted. Petaling Jaya Municipal Council public relations officer Satiah Abdullah said they issued the order to Phileo Damansara developer on Oct 18.

New committee to assist housing industry 06/01/1998 NST
THE Housing and Local Government Ministry will set up a committee to assist the housing industry and ensure there are no abandoned projects as a result of the economic situation. Its Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said yesterday the committee would provide advice and assistance to developers and buyers who might face problems including getting loans from financial institutions.

Move to save houses from collapsing 06/01/1998 MM
U-SHAPED concrete channels will be placed along the critical stretch of Sungai Kerayong to prevent 18 houses in Jalan Bunga Melati 2 in Taman Maju Jaya, Ampang, from collapsing. Ampang Jaya MP Ong Tee Keat said the 18 houses were seriously affected due to erosion of the river banks.

Affordable homes for everyone 06/01/1998 BT
NOW, why are we arguing about how much a low-cost house should cost? And why are we arguing at a time when the economy is bracing itself for a rough patch, when people are losing jobs or earning less, when inflation is seeping in and when there is supposed to be a moderation in the demand for property. Logically, we should be discussing how the national target for low-cost houses can be met, how low-cost flats or apartments need not look cheap and seedy and how we can ensure a continuous supply of building materials and avoid the hoarding and shortages that have caused these materials to cost more than they should. It is good, therefore, that Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh has announced that the ceiling price for low-cost homes will not be reviewed at the moment. Following this decision, those who had initiated the call for the increase should perhaps channel their energy and resources towards trying to resolve other aspects of the matter. The Kelantan Government, the Penang Builders and Building Materials Dealers Association and others who might have asked the minister to review his decision, need to re-assess the situation and their stand on the issue.

MPPJ may take legal action 06/01/1998 MM
LEGAL action will be taken against developers of five projects along Jalan 16/9, Petaling Jaya for breaching the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council's (MPPJ) planning conditions. Council president Datuk Mohamed Nor Bador said the developers were issued numerous warnings against working on Sundays.

Developer slapped with RM230,000 claim 07/01/1998 MM By Jasni Rahim
UMNO members of Kampung Tengah Baru in Puchong are demanding more than RM230,000 in compensation from Sime-UEP whose poor drainage and irrigation, they claim, has caused their village to flood twice. That does not include the compensation they will ask for losses in the third flood which hit their village last Monday afternoon.

Worry over these areas too 09/01/1998 MM
THE Malay Mail has reported many cases of ungazetted green lungs being threatened by development. Though some of the attempts were unsuccessful, residents are still worried about losing them if the areas are not gazetted immediately

Cheaper, faster way of building houses 13/01/1998 NST By Noor Adzman Baharuddin
BUTTERWORTH, Mon. - A builder has come up with a cheaper and faster way of building houses using "Lego"-like moulds of plastic and aluminium. Wong Chee Fatt, 42, says this can cut costs by up to 15 per cent and speed up construction time.

Talks soon on future of Taman Subang Ria 14/01/1998 NST-LTIMES
THE Subang Jaya Municipal Council will meet Sime UEP Berhad officials soon to discuss the future of the controversial Taman Subang Ria. Council president Ahmad Fuad Ismail said the developer will be asked if it had plans to upgrade or develop the park for the benefit of residents.

UDA flat dwellers have no electricity for months 15/01/1998 NST
JOHOR BARU, Wed. - About 200 residents of a new block of flats in Bandar Baru UDA will literally not see the light during the coming double festival. This is because their apartments in the housing scheme have still not been connected with electricity, although it has been between four and six months since they moved into their units

`Speed up issue of CFs' 19/01/1998 BT
INFORMATION Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Rahmat has called on the local authorities to expedite the issuance of certificates of fitness (CFs) to house buyers in the city. He said there were several cases in the Pulai parliamentary constituency where house buyers resorted to staying in their houses even though the premises did not have water and power supply due to the absence of CFs. Speaking to reporters in Johor Baru on Saturday night, Mohamed, who is the Pulai member of Parliament, said the problem should be dealt with promptly to reduce the effect of the present economic downturn. "The local authorities should not take too long to process the CFs. In the present economic situation the people's confidence in the Government must not be affected," he said. - Bernama

Stalled projects in Kelantan to be revived 20/01/1998 BT
THE Federal and Kelantan governments yesterday set aside their ideological differences and reached an agreement to continue with the development projects that were stalled since Pas took over the administration of the state in 1990. The agreement involving the 13 projects was reached at the inaugural meeting yesterday of the Federal Government-State Government Joint Committee, which was set up with the consent of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the State Executive Council.

27 housebuyers sue State, contractor for negligence 21/01/1998 NST By Annie Freeda CruezShah Alam, Tues - Twenty-seven housebuyers of a mixed housing project in Taman Alam Jaya, Sabak Bernam today filed three civil suits in the High Court against the Sabak Bernam District Council and Pingat Warisan Sdn Bhd for breach of contract and negligence.

Ting: Don't peg issuance of CFs to non-technical matters 22/01/1998 NST
PENANG, Wed. - Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Ting Chew Peh today urged State and Local Government authorities not to peg the issuance of Certificates of Fitness for buildings to non-technical matters. "The issuance of CFs should not be pegged to the developer's compliance of State Government policies like low-cost housing quotas

Ting: Housing projects will not face problems 26/01/1998 BT
THE Government is now better prepared to prevent developers from abandoning housing projects in the wake of the economic slowdown, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said yesterday. He said measures adopted by the Government following 400 cases of abandoned housing projects during the economic recession in the 1980s would ensure that the industry would not face a similar problem.

Kerajaan yakin pemaju mampu laksana projek 26/01/1998 BH
GOPENG, Ahad - Kerajaan yakin kegawatan ekonomi sekarang tidak menimbulkan masalah projek perumahan terbengkalai seperti dialami ketika zaman kemelesetan ekonomi pada pertengahan 1980-an dulu. Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh, berkata jangkaan itu berdasarkan keupayaan peruntukan Akta Pemaju Perumahan yang mewajibkan semua pemaju membuka Akaun Pemajuan Perumahan yang diseliakan oleh bank pada awal 1990-an.

Slowdown won't affect housing projects 26/01/1998 NST
GOPENG, Sun. - The Government is confident that the current economic situation will not result in abandoned housing projects like that experienced during the recession of the mid-1980s. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said this was because all developers were required to open a housing development account whereby they deposited a certain amount of the project money and were not allowed to withdraw the money without good reason.


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