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Residents clear path to better homes 01/01/1992 NST-CITYX
RESIDENTS of Apartment Dahlia in Pandan Jaya have won the battle for recognition of their Action Committee Dahlia (ACD), but will still have to fight for better maintenance of their neighbourhood. ACD chairman Mohamed Raduan Abdul Kadir said although Maxisegar Sdn Bhd had recognised the committee, it still insisted that requests and demands from residents would have to be discussed

Developer denies neglecting housing estate 01/01/1992 MM
THE developer for Taman Keramat Permai has refuted claims that they are neglecting the maintenance of the houses and surrounding areas. In replying to residents' complaints highlighted in The Malay Mail yesterday, its general manager, Hon Too Fang, said they are attending to the problem the best way they can.

Why was flat repaired when there aren't any defects? 03/01/1992 MM
* MOEY was shocked to see his unoccupied flat in Taman Taming Jaya in Balakong being repaired without his permission. His flat had been entered into, and the internal walls replastered without his knowledge and consent.

Anwar: AHPF will be discontinued March 1 06/01/1992 BT By Rodhiah Ismail
THE Abandoned Housing Projects Fund (AHPF), which was launched in June 1990, will be discontinued effective March 1 this year. Applications for assistance under the fund will continue to be accepted till February 29. Finance Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the move is in response to a proposal by the AHPF panel for the dissolution of the fund in view of the more resilient economy and that all the neccesary applications should have been made by now.

Projek perumahan pulih 06/01/1992 HM
SELAYANG: Kerajaan meluluskan peruntukan $79.2 juta untuk memulihkan 15 projek perumahan yang terbengkalai di Selangor tahun lalu. Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, berkata peruntukan itu adalah 30 peratus daripada $273.5 juta wang Tabung Pemulihan Peruntukan Terbengkalai (TPPT) yang dilancarkan Jun 1990.

Akhirnya pindah juga 06/01/1992 BHM y A Hanim A Malek
SELAYANG: Dua tahun terpaksa bersabar menanti rumah yang ditempah ... Kami terpaksa menubuhkan jawatankuasa bertindak apabila pemaju gagal menyiapkan rumah mengikut perjanjian. Begitulah penjelasan pembeli rumah Taman Selayang Utama yang menerima kunci rumah masing-masing daripada Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Seri Anwar lbrahim, semalam.

Skim TPPT dihenti Mac 06/01/1992 BH
KUALA LUMPUR, Ahad. - Skim Tabung Projek Perumahan Terbengkalai (TPPT) akan dihentikan mulai 1 Mac ini selepas kerajaan mendapati semua permohonan untuk bantuan sudah sepatutnya diselesaikan serta keadaan ekonomi negara yang pulih. Sehubungan itu, Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, berkata permohonan untuk bantuan mengikut skim itu yang bertujuan memulihkan projek perumahan terbengkalai akan hanya dilanjutkan sehingga 29 Februari depan.

Building project resumes after six years 07/01/1992 NST-CITYX
A PRIVATE developer has resumed work on a condominium block in Bangsar after a six-year hiatus. Residents had complained that the building, behind the Bangsar Shopping Centre, stuck out like a "sore thumb" in the well-developed suburb, after it was abandoned.

Housing industry out of doldrums, says HDA official 07/01/1992 NST  By Lim Kean Liang
THE housing industry is out of the doldrums and the risk of projects being abandoned is greatly minimised, Housing Developers' Association secretary-general Richard Lee said yesterday. The discontinuation of the Abandoned Housing Projects Fund as of March 1 was therefore unlikely to have any adverse effect on the industry.

Plan to act against developers defying laws on environs 08/01/1992 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Tues. - Consultants for construction projects which contravene environmental laws may be struck off a register being prepared by the Department of Environment, said Science, Technology and Environment Minister Law Hieng Ding today. He said the name of the developer would be published if the case against him was proven in court.

Refund delay drives her up the wall 08/01/1992  MM By Ann Teoh; Nurazah Ismail
* SOH is trying to get a refund for a deposit put oil the lease of an apartment at OG Heights, on behalf of an expatriate friend who has since returned to Switzerland. The property manager has refused to give my friend his refund of $4,100, claiming he has damaged the walls, and the money is needed for repairs," she says.

Freaking out over leaking ceiling 09/01/1992 MM By Ann Teoh; Nurazah Ismail
* THE "drip, drip" sound of water leaking from the ceiling of a flat in Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park is driving Maria up the wall. Although she has complained to the developer numerous times, no action has been taken.

House buyer in a dilemma 11/01/1992 MM
ANNIE feels she had been `overcharged' by her housing developer who wanted her to pay a year's maintenance fees and five years' sewerage fees in advance before the keys to her house in Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong, could be handed over. She feels the charges are exorbitant. The maintenance fees come up to $360 and the five year sewerage fees to $420.

Stop land auction 11/01/1992 MM By Jasni Rahim
SOME 370 people fear they will lose their housing deposits o nearly $1 million if the land for the project is auctioned as scheduled on Tuesday. The housebuyers are trying desperately to have the auction postponed. It was only scheduled last September.

23 syarikat cuai disenarai hitam 12/01/1992 BM
KUALA LUMPUR: Dua puluh tiga syarikat pemaju perumahan disenaraihitamkan oleh Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan kerana didapati tidak bertanggungjawab dalam menjaga kepentingan pelanggan masing-masing. Pegawai Perhubungan Awam kementerian berkenaan, Puan Nur Ashikin Othman, berkata 10 daripada pemaju terbabit dikenakan tindakan itu kerana kesalahan penipuan dan penyelewengan yang disabit kesalahannya oleh mahkamah.

Developer owes $363,000 in assessment arrears 13/01/1992 MM
THE developer, whose land is being scheduled for auction tomorrow, leaving 370 housebuyers in the lurch owes the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) $363,000 in assessment arrears. A MPK spokesman said that legal action was initiated as Lee Man Construction Company Sdn Bhd had failed to pay outstanding arrears since 1986.

Late delivery of house 13/01/1992 MM
* SOFI, who bought a house in Taman Bukit Teratai, dose not know when he can move in. He says the delivery of the house is eight months late and, though he should get compensation of $2,900, the developer is only giving him 60 per cent of the amount.

PKNS to repair damaged houses 14/01/1992 MM
THE Selangor Development Corporation, PKNS, will still repair the damaged houses in Taman Seri Putera, Banting, although they have been occupied for more than seven years. PKNS public relations manager Yusof Othman said it will still respond accordingly to the complaints from the house-owners.

More time for house buyers 14/01/1992 MM
THE auction of land proposed for a housing project for which some 370 people had paid nearly $1 million in deposits has been postponed. Lawyers for the Klang Municipal Council, which had sued the developer for $365,000 in assessment arrears, have verbally advised auctioneer E.K. Tan and Company of the postponement.

Stay on land auction 15/01/1992 MM
THE auction of a piece of land for a housing project for which some 370 people had paid nearly $1 million in deposits, has taken a new twist. It is learnt an application had been submitted last week to the Kuala Lumpur High Court for an order to sell three of the 61 lots that make up the project site in Section 4, Port Klang.

Flat buyer sees red 16/01/1992 MM By Kamala Nagappan; Rosma Omar
CHUNG of Jalan Gopeng, lpoh, wants to know whether a developer has the right to insist on payment of booking fees and a 10 per cent deposit before producing the sale and purchase agreement. In a letter to Hotline, Chung says he and his friend had booked two flats and subsequently asked the developer for the agreement to show to their solicitors.

Hassle over rate for late delivery 16/01/1992 MM
* LING of Taman Bukit Teratai who bought a house feels she is entitled to 100 per cent in compensation rates for late delivery charges. "The developer had agreed to pay the compensation of 100 per cent in the sale and purchase agreement but now they are only agreeing to pay 60 per cent," she adds.

Property legal fee rules 17/01/1992 MM By Alina Simon
LAWYERS' fees in property transactions will be more specific this year under the revised Solicitors' Remuneration Order 1991. Bar Council president Manjeet Singh Dhillon said the new fee schedule makes it easier for vendors and purchasers to work out the amount to pay their respective lawyers.

Long wait for late delivery sum 17/01/1992 MM
* LIM of Taman Eng Ann, Klang, wonders how much longer he, has to wait to get compensation for the late delivery of his condominium unit. "I took delivery a year later than stated in the agreement but I have yet to receive any compensation," he says

Apartment owners want CFs issued 20/01/1992 NST-CITYX  By K. Don Buddhadasa
RESIDENTS at Apartment Dahlia, Pandan Indah, are unhappy that they have not been issued certificates of fitness (CF) but only temporary occupation licences (TOL). They said the developers should fulfil all requirements to ensure that buyers get the CF.

Angry houseowners protest to MB 20/01/1992 NST
PORT DICKSON, Sun. - A group of disgruntled housebuyers today caused a stir when they protested to Menteri Besar Tan Sri Mohamed Isa Abdul Samad during a key handing over ceremony at the Desa Permai housing scheme today. The group, whose names were not in a list of 160 people who got the keys to their new homes, was angry that the developer had not included in the list 213 housebuyers invited to the ceremony.

Lewat: Ganti rugi hanya separuh 21/01/1992 HM By Tertipu bin Teraniaya
SAUDARA Pengarang, Saya adalah pembeli rumah harga sederhana rendah Taman Saga Ampang ingin melahirkan rasa tidak puas hati terhadap pemaju yang gagal menyiapkan projek perumahan mengikut jadual seperti yang dinyatakan dalam surat `Perjanjian Jual Beli'. 

Dream homes quite a headache 22/01/1992 MM
DISGRUNTLED houseowners of Taman Medan in Petaling Jaya Selatan want the developer to resolve a list of problems without further delay. They include broken gates, uncovered water tanks, hairline cracks on the walls, leaking pipes, collapsing drains, lack of water metres, clogged drains, streetlights that are not switched on and absence of telephone service.

Abandoned houses sees progress 23/01/1992 NST-CITYX
WORK on 105 units of double-storey terrace houses in Taman Sri Kindali, along Jalan Sungai Chua in Kajang, will continue after Chinese New Year. The housing project, which was abandoned in 1985 due to the economic slowdown, was placed under receivership.

Lift out of order 23/01/1992By PMM . Selvarani; Kamala Nagappan; Rosma Omar
* CS of Seri Ledand Condominium Bukit Wangsa in Wangsa Maju is fed up with the poor maintenance and service provided by the developer. "The lift is always out of order and the complaint is only attended to after about two to three weeks," she says.

170 abandoned projects yet to seek aid 24/01/1992 BT  By Jennifer Jacobs
THE fate of 170 abandoned housing projects throughout the country hangs in balance as the February 29 deadline set by the Government for submission of applications for assistance under the Abandoned Housing Project Fund (AHPF) draws closer. To date, the fund has not received any application from the developers concerned to help revive the projects. The fund will be discontinued from March 1 this year.

Ting urges developers to apply for funds 24/01/1992 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Thurs. - Housing developers have been urged to apply for funds to revive abandoned projects as the deadline is drawing near and less than half of the allocation has been taken up. Housing and Local Government Minister Dr Ting Chew Peh said today the deadline - which is the end of next month - would not be extended.

Tuan tanah ditipu $10j 25/01/1992 HM By Hamid Karim
KUALA LUMPUR: Beberapa pemilik tanah lot bangunan di Jalan Sultan Ismail mendakwa ditipu kira-kira $10 juta oleh sebuah syarikat pembinaan. Sehubungan itu, 12 daripada 65 pemilik itu membuat aduan polis di Bukit Aman semalam terhadap Lian Seng (KL) Properties Construction Company Berhad.

40 0n the block 25/01/1992 MM
SOME 40 owners of shophouses and flats along Jalan Sultan Ismail are in a quandary - their fully paid for properties are to be auctioned by a finance company because their developer had mortgaged them. They claim the developer had recharged the properties for $6.44 million with Supreme Finance (M) Bhd in July 1985 using a master title without their consent though they are the rightful owners.

20 lodge report against developer 25/01/1992 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Fri. - A group of buyers have lodged police reports against the developer of a block of flats in Jalan Sultan Ismail for charging their property to a finance company for a $6.144 million loan. The buyers, who have completed payments for their units, found out that Supreme Finance (M) Berhad recently took action to foreclose and sell the land charged to them by the developer.

Flat buyer sees red over CF 25/01/1992 MM By Kamala Nagappan; Rosma Omar
* SUBRAMANIAM of Jalan Sungei Besi complains of delay in getting the certificate of fitness (CF) for a low-cost flat the bought. "We have already received vacant posession on Sept 12 last year but the CP is still pending," he adds.

Schools a must in new schemes 26/01/1992 NSUNT
KUALA LUMPUR, Sat. - All major housing schemes in the city must provide provision for schools before they can be approved, Datuk Bandar Tan Sri Elyas Omar said today. He said the Government had now made it mandatory for developers of reasonably large housing schemes in Kuala Lumpur to have schools within the schemes.

Sport facilities a must! 27/01/1992 MM
DEVEOPERS who plan to embark on housing projects in Kuala Lumpur will now have to provide adequate sports facilities. Datuk Bandar Tan Sri Elyas Omar said City Hall was recently directed by the Government to notify all housing developers to comply with the ruling.

Developer owes council $2.2 mil 27/01/1992 MM By Elan Perumal
ONE of the biggest property developers in Klang has acquired another superlative, albeit a shameful one. It owes the Klang Municipal Council $22 million in assessment arrears -the single biggest debt by any property owner.

Shortage of red bricks 30/01/1992 NST
IPOH, Tues. - Housing contractors here, experiencing an acute shortage of red bricks, want the Government to make them a price-controlled item. They said the industry had been facing a shortage of red bricks for two months, resulting in the price of the bricks spiralling to 18 sen each from 14 sen a month ago.

Hope for 21 abandoned projects 31/01/1992 NST
SEREMBAN, Thurs. - All is not lost for developers of 21 abandoned housing projects which have been dropped from the list of projects to be revived. State Executive Councillor (Exco) Hon Choon Kim said they could still be revived if the developers or housebuyers could provide the relevant information on the projects to Bank Negara's Abandoned Housing Rehabilitation and Bumiputera Entrepreneurs Assistance Funds.


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