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Check low-cost housing abuse 01/01/2001 NST
HOUSING for the lower income groups has always been given top priority by the Government. While the higher income earner is better placed to buy a house - often the only consideration is whether he can afford a big or small one - the poor, in most cases can only dream about it. However, to forge a harmonious and equitable society low income earners deserve decent houses for their families. The solution therefore is to build low-cost houses which are within the means of the poorer sections of society. This is what the Government has set out to do. But problems will arise in low- cost housing programmes if these houses do not always go to the designated group of people and are instead diverted to those who, by virtue of their higher income, do not qualify for them. This defeats the Government's objective to provide housing for the poor and needy. The Johor Government's plans, announced last week, to review its policy on the distribution of low-cost houses to check abuses and to ensure that only eligible low-income earners get them is certainly a step in the right direction. State Consumer Affairs, Domestic Trade and Housing Committee chairman Abdul Samat Aripin said the Johor Government would be introducing a new system this year in which all applicants for low and medium-cost houses would be issued with eligibility certificates for three months to enable them to contact developers to buy houses costing less than RM80,000 in the locality of their choice. These certificates will be renewed until they get the houses or they have changed their mind about buying. In view of the many applicants for low-cost houses, another thing that could be done to ensure fairness in allocation is to allow applicants to draw lots in the allocation process. Even though Johor has unveiled new measures to curb abuses in low-cost housing distribution, the problem of abuses in low-cost housing is not confined to Johor alone as these have also been detected in other States as well. It is therefore a national problem. The Johor experience has highlighted the need for measures to be adopted to ensure low-cost houses are distributed equitably and that there are no loopholes to impede a fair allocation.
Faster approval for projects in Ampang Jaya 02/01/2001 NST-CITY
THE Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) will introduce the "fast lane" concept in accordance with the Selangor Government's directive to local authorities to expedite applications that involve development projects to relocate squatters. Council president Ahmad Kabit said: "The council is streamlining application procedures so that development projects can take off fast, especially those related to housing projects by developers who complement the State Government's efforts to provide cheap houses for squatters."
All buildings must cater to disabled by year-end 03/01/2002  BT
ALL buildings in Peninsular Malaysia accessible to the public must have facilities for the disabled by the year-end as required under the Uniform Buildings By-Law.
Lapan keluarga risau diancam tanah runtuh 04/01/2001 BH
CHERAS, Rabu - Lapan keluarga dari Taman Len Sen di sini bimbang dengan ancaman tanah runtuh yang kini memusnahkan bahagian belakang kediaman mereka sejak beberapa hari lalu. Keadaan bertambah buruk apabila pembetung di kawasan perumahan itu gagal berfungsi seperti asal dipercayai rosak akibat berlaku mendapan tanah hingga menyebabkan saluran paip bawah tanah pecah.
Residents fed-up with Taman Murni mudflow 05/01/2001 NST-CITY
TAMAN Murni residents in Kajang, tired of having to put up with mudflows, have given the Kajang Municipal Council until Tuesday to get to the "root of the problem". They said the mudflows that came with each downpour were caused by extensive development projects upstream.
Mycom's Yap faces property slump, shareholders' ire 05/01/2001 BT
YAP YONG Seong, who made a fortune betting on Malaysian property in the 1980s, is trying to prevent the same market from wrecking his company, Mycom Bhd. The 60-year-old tycoon with a penchant for fancy cars - Yap used to own a stake in Italian carmaker Automobili Lamborghini SpA - is struggling to reorganise his property empire to repay RM1.5 billion in debt.
Concern over Sentul's green lung 05/01/2001 MM
THE takeover of the Sentul Raya project by YTL Corporation Bhd has given rise to some speculations and concerns. The prime concern is whether a nine-hole golf course, the green lung of the area, will have to make way for either housing or commercial development.
Landslide shock 05/01/2001 MM
THERE was a heavy downpour yesterday, and the time was 4.30am. The residents of the five-storey walk-up flats in Taman Kosas, Ampang, were in deep slumber. Until they were rudely awakened by a rumble at that unearthly hour. And what greeted the residents of Block A when they looked out of their windows to check the source of the noise shocked and confused them.
Poor response for low-cost homes 06/01/2001 NUT
THE Government's efforts to spur developers into building low-cost housing appears to be bearing fruit, judging by the increase in the number of units launched during the third quarter of 2000 compared with the second quarter. However, response to newly-launched units during the quarter was generally weak in most States, except for Malacca and Perlis.
Condo market remains good 06/01/2001 NST
PENANG, Fri. - The outlook for condominiums and apartments here is expected to be good over the next five years, especially owner-occupied investments. "Although there was an 8.8 per cent increase in such property units, with 19,296 units last year compared to 17,731 units in 1999, their prices were quite similar to those of 1995/6," said consultant valuer Michael Geh of Raine & Horne International Zaki and Partners today.
Housing Act may  be renamed 07/01/2001 Sunday Star
Malacca acts to end strata title woes 07/01/2001 Sunday Star
Malacca: The state government hopes to resolve strata title problems, faced by owners of an estimated 150,000 flats or apartments here, through a one-stop centre. Chief Minister Datuk Wira Mohd Ali Rustam said yesterday occupants or owners of all high-rise buildings which had not been issued with strata titles must form management committees and apply for the titles at the state Land and Mines office.
Meeting with groups over changes to Strata Titles Act 08/01/2001 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. - Deputy Minister of Land and Cooperative Development Dr Tan Kee Kwong said today the Government would be meeting with local authorities, non-governmental organisations, the House Buyers' Association and other parties affected by the proposed amendments to the Strata Titles Act 1985 within the next few weeks. The amendments to the Act would include a 10-fold increase in the penalty for developers of highrise buildings who did not apply for strata titles. 
Projek Perumahan beri keutamaan kepentingan sosial  08/01/2001 Berita Harian
Better service, facilities for Ampang Jaya 08/01/2001 MM
THE Ampang Jaya Municipal Council is one of the oldest municipal councils in Selangor. Established in 1992, the council is now into its third president, Ahmad Kabit, who took over from Muhammad Nik last August. 
Still no CF for 100 property owners in JB 08/01/2001 The Star
Johor Baru: The Johor Baru MCA has asked the state government to look into the plight of some 100 buyers of the Mount Austin project near here, who are still waiting for certificates of fitness (CF) for the homes an shops they bought in 1996.
Unhappy stay at medium-cost flats 08/01/2001 MM
LIVING in a medium-cost flat at Pangsapuri Sentul Utama in Sentul, has been unpleasant for SULAIMAN RAHIM. Since moving into his unit on the 16th floor, Sulaiman, who paid RM100,000 for the premises in 1999, found the roof, ceiling at the hall and master bedroom continuously leaking.
Don't pay if there's no permit 09/01/2001 The Star
34 pemilik bimbang rumah teres retak 10/01/2001 BH
KAJANG, Selasa - Lebih 34 pemilik rumah teres di Taman Bukit Mewah berada dalam kebimbangan berikutan kediaman mereka mengalami keretakan serius dan dipercayai tidak selamat diduduki. Penduduk percaya terdapat saliran air bawah tanah di kawasan perumahan itu sehingga menyebabkan tanah cepat mendap dan struktur rumah retak.
Sistem saliran bocor ancam keselamatan 10/01/2001 HM
KAJANG: Keselamatan nyawa dan harta benda lebih 200 penduduk di Taman Bukit Mewah di sini, terancam selepas beberapa rumah di kawasan berkenaan retak teruk. Risiko itu terpaksa dihadapi jika keretakan itu tidak diatasi segera pihak bertanggungjawab, memandangkan penghuninya masih mendiami rumah masing-masing kerana tidak mempunyai tempat lain.
Don't fall for the tall promises of developers 12/01/2001 NST
I LIVE in one of the new developments, the ones that promise us a taste of the new millennium, but I do not have a telephone line as yet. I moved in without checking that a line was available as my three neighbours in the new golf course development have telephone lines. So I assumed (wrongly) that I would have a telephone line too.
The rights of purchasers 12/01/2001 MM
LEGISLATION passed by Parliament are in most cases meant for the protection of the public. Undoubtedly the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Act 1966 is intended to "protect purchasers." Just look at the cases that had been decided by the courts since the 1980s.
PKNS to build 20,000 houses 13/01/2001 NST
OVER the next five years, Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) will focus its efforts on developing close to 20,000 residential units on approximately 404.7ha of land in prime locations within the Klang Valley. PKNS corporate and marketing senior manager Yusof Othman said this is in line with the state's mission to achieve a developed status by 2005, of which it is already halfway through to fulfilling.
Buyer: My wife died of heartache 15/01/2001 The Star
A 64-year-old housebuyer whose wife died of heartache before she could see their 'dream house', burst into tears during a Taman Terubong Indah (Majestic Heights) dialogue session yesterday.
Five members of family die, one hurt as fire sweeps through flat 15/01/2001 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. - Five members of a family perished while another is fighting for her life after they were trapped in their flat in a pre-dawn fire in Sentul today. In the 4am fire which razed their unit on the 15th floor of City Hall's Sri Kelantan Flat, the six were caught behind a locked grille while neighbours frantically tried to save them.
`Victims were screaming but we could do nothing' 15/01/2001 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. - Immediate neighbour Jamalian Jailani's quick thinking probably saved the life of Subatra Kaleesvaran in the Sri Kelantan flat fire today. Recounting the tragedy, Jamalian, in her thirties, said she was awakened by thumps on her door about 4am
Kajang council gives developers ultimatum 16/01/2001 NST-CITY
THE Kajang Municipal Council has given developers involved in projects in the vicinity of Taman Murni, Cheras a month to pay up their share of the cost towards building a new monsoon drain to solve the flood problem in the area. The council (MPK) will acquire a piece of land bordering Taman Murni to construct the drain which will stretch from Taman Tun Perak to Sungai Cheras Kecil downstream near Taman Murni.
Frequent safety checks for flats 16/01/2001 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - As the sole survivor of the flat fire fights for her life, City Hall today pledged to carry out frequent checks on all its flats to ensure they are safe. The assurance was given at a two-hour meeting between representatives of the City Hall and Member of Parliament for Batu Ng Lip Yong. The meeting was called after yesterday's pre-dawn fire which killed five members of a family.
Damaged equipment not replaced, claim flat-dwellers 16/01/2001 MM
"WE have complained about the poor conditions many times but nothing has been done." That's the response we got from Block C160 of Sri Kelantan flats resident's committee chairman, Mohd Daud Kassim, on the state of fire- fighting equipment there.
Playing with fire 16/01/2001 MM
NO change. On March 9, 1998, The Malay Mail highlighted the poor state of fire- fighting equipment at two City Hall flats - Loke Yew and Hang Tuah.
Better quality control with new building system 17/01/2001 MM
HOW often have we come across shoddy construction work after we take delivery of the keys to our new homes? You read about it in the newspapers all the time - cracked walls, uneven flooring, leaking roofs, slanting doorframes, windows that are not aligned, the list of horrors for new homeowners goes on.
Developer dragging its feet over complaints 17/01/2001 MM
EACH time there is a downpour, water seeps into BALAN's sliding door area and damages his condominium unit in Kajang. Among others, an expensive carpet, floor tiles and the walls are frequently damaged at the Cypress Condominium unit in Persiaran Sungai Long 1, Bandar Sungai Long.
‘People apathetic about fire safety’ 17/1/2001 The Star
Kuala Lumpur : Malaysians are generally unaware of fire safety because of their tidak apa attitude (apathy). City Fire and Rescue Department Director Leonard Athanasius said education on fire safety was more important than having the best fire fighting equipment.
Penduduk rosak alat bantuan padam api 17/01/2001 Harian Metro
Kuala Lumpur: Sikap penduduk yang merosak serta mencuri peralatan pancur kering yang ditempatkan di bangunan kediaman dikenal pasti punca utama alat bantuan memadamkan api itu gagal digunakan pada waktu kecemasan.
Be strict in issuing CFs, local authorities told 18/01/2001 The Star
LOCAL authorities must be firm by not issuing certificates of fitness (CFs) to housing developers who failed to follow guidelines.
No prohibition on fixing grilles on high-rise flats 18/01/2001 NST
PUTRAJAYA, Wed. - The Government will not prohibit people from fixing grills on their high-rise flats and condominiums although these had become "death traps" during fires. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said this was because the grills were fixed by houseowners for their own security
Fire certs for buildings proposed 18/01/2001 The Star
Putrajaya: Buildings identified as facing high risk of fires will be required to have compulsory fire certificates, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said yesterday.
Need for quick action by authorities concerned 18/01/2001 NST
EVERY now and then we hear of landslides and mudslides and flash floods at new housing or commercial projects. This problem normally worsens during the monsoon season. One such serious problem of mudslides and flooding is now happening right at my doorstep in Ayer Molek, Malacca.
Residents living in fear of another disaster 18/01/2001 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - Hillslope clearing work near the site of Hulu Klang's Highland Towers, which collapsed seven years ago, is keeping nearby residents sleepless for fear of a repeat disaster. Developers are erecting at least three luxury and medium-cost housing projects about 2km from Zoo Negara and only 100m from the five-storey Desa Ku I and II condominiums.
Tiada cadangan haram pasang jeriji rumah: Ong 18/01/2001 Berita Harian
Putrajaya, Rabu – Kerajaan tidak berhasrat mengharamkan pemasangan jeriji di tempat kediaman, seperti flat atau kondominium, wlaupun dikatakan menjadi punca utama kematian mangsa yang terperamgkap ketika berlaku kebakaran.
Take not safety for granted 18/01/2001 NST
FAR too often, home comfort and its aesthetics rank above safety for its occupants. It is not that safety is not important to them; it is perhaps more a case of apathy and taking things for granted. City Fire and Rescue Department director Leonard Athanasius hit the nail on the head when he said on Tuesday that when fire and rescue personnel go to neighbourhoods to train residents on fire safety and prevention techniques, the turn-out is regrettably low. Though there have been many campaigns on safety and prevention, accidental fires due to carelessness still occur.
Residents told to support firefighters 19/01/2001 The Sun
Putrajaya, Thursday: Residents of high-rise buildings should be more cooperative and help he Fire and Rescue Department maintain firefighting equipment.
Keep fire-fighting equipment inventory 19/01/2001 NST
Kota Kinabalu, Thursday – Owners and occupants of high-rise buildings, flats and apartments were urged today to maintain fire-fighting equipment in good working condition.
Tunggu rumah siap 17 tahun  19/01/2001 Harian Metro
Kuala Lumpur: Bagi 63 pembeli rumah di Taman Sri Aman, Kampung Idaman, Pandamaran, Selangor penantian 17 tahun untuk memiliki kediaman sendiri belum tercapai kerana projek perumahan itu masih terbengkalai.
Pemilik bangunan tinggi usah pasang jeriji  19/01/2001 Berita Harian
Kota Kinabalu, Khamis – Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia, Datuk Jaafar Sidek Tambi menasihatkan semua pemilik premis bangunan tinggi di negara ini tidak memasang jeriji keselamatan agar nyawa penghuninya tidak terancam sekiranya berlaku kebakaran.
23-year wait  - Ministry to probe into abandoned housing project   20/01/2001 The Star By Susan Tan
The Housing and Local Government Ministry will find out why a housing project which started 23 years ago in Taman Sri Aman, Port Klang was abandoned in 1997.
Strategi bantu mangsa projek terbengkalai  20/01/2001 Berita Harian
Bagan Datoh, Jumaat – Syarikat Perumahan Negara (SPN) sedang merangka beberapa strategi bagi membantu pembeli rumah yang menjadi mangsa pemaju projek perumahan yang terbengkalai, termasuk menyenaraikan bilangan unit rumah dan pemaju terbabit.
Vandalism and how some residents overcome it 20/01/2001 MM
VANDALISM in low-cost flats in Kuala Lumpur is a never-ending problem, City Hall has acknowledged.
Low-cost flats, high-cost sabotage 21/01/2001 SUM
FOR the thousands of low-cost flat dwellers in the city, a fire last Sunday in Kuala Lumpur which claimed five lives is a reminder of the fire traps they live in. Fire traps? 
Shoddy work still main grouse against builders  22/01/2001 The Star
Petaling Jaya: Shoddy workmanship, which has been the main complain against developers for several years, continued to be the largest single complaint brought to the Housebuyers Association (HBA) since its inception two years ago.
Chin: 20% of housing projects no longer viable 21/12/2001 The Star By Stephen Then
MIRI: About 20% of abandoned housing projects in Peninsular Malaysia have been classified as “no-hopes” since the buyers have no more interest in reviving them.
Buyers still waiting for their houses after four years  22/01/2001 The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: More than 50 families are still waiting for their houses in Taman Permai, Ampang, although the project was to have been completed four years ago.
Ensure that back lanes too are hazard free 22/01/2001 NST
THE recent fire at Sri Kelantan Flats in Sentul where five members of a family perished could have been avoided. I am staying in a single-storey terrace house. A drain separates my house and the house of my backdoor neighbour who has additional land at the back of his house as the telegraphic poles are on his side. My neighbour has cemented this land and does his cooking in the open air.
The missing link 24/01/2001 MM
BUILD the missing link first! This is what the  Bukit Rimau residents feel over the Shah Alam City Council's decision to build the access road to link the housing estate to the Kesas Highway (via Kota Kemuning) together with the proposed second interchange.
FOMCA terima 1000 aduan 24/01/2001 Berita Harian
Kuala Lumpur, Selasa – Persatuan Pengguna masih menerima banyak aduan mengenai isu kelewatan sijil layak menduduki (CF) walaupun pembeli rumah diberi jaminan CF akan dikeluarkan selepas dua minggu kunci diserahkan.
Move to improve workmanship of new houses 24/01/2001 The Star
Kuala Lumpur: The amendments to the House Developers Act is among three actions by the Housing and Local Government Ministry's three-pronged plan to improve the level of workmanship of new houses.
Perak to gazette empty spaces 25/01/2001 NST
IPOH, Wed. - The Perak Government will gazette all vacant spaces in housing estates to prevent the loss of green lungs to undesired commercial development and for the benefit of future generations of Malaysians, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali said today. He said there had been cases where business and commercial projects were approved on such vacant spaces reserved for sports and recreational activities.
PAG-Mampu Jaya quality works attract up-market buyers  27/01/2001 NST
THAT upper-middle income housebuyers today are price sensitive, and prefer to forgo premium finishings to save money, is an opinion Choy Tai Seng would vociferously dismiss. Instead, the managing director of construction-based PAG-Mampu Jaya Sdn Bhd says better quality of construction and finishing is the key to attracting home upgraders, especially those looking for high-end residential property.
Pemaju diminta baik pulih rumah retak 27/01/2001 BH
KUALA LUMPUR, Jumaat - Tiga puluh empat pemilik rumah teres di Taman Bukit Mewah, Kajang, yang kebimbangan kerana terpaksa tinggal dalam rumah retak, menggesa pemaju projek itu menyegerakan kerja membaik pulihnya bagi mengelak kejadian tidak diingini daripada berlaku. Beberapa buah rumah di taman itu didapati mengalami keretakan serius dan tidak selamat diduduki. Tiga daripadanya rumah bernombor 20, 22 dan 24 paling serius mengalami keretakan dengan simennya mula pecah.
Millions in unclaimed money 28/01/2001  NSUNT
KUALA LUMPUR, Sat. - High Courts all over the country are keeping millions of ringgit in compensation for untraceable landowners whose land has been acquired by the Government for development purposes. Most of the land is ancestral and located in strategic places.
RM1.3 billion pulih rumah terbengkalai  29/1/2001 Berita Harian
BAGAN DATOH, Ahad - Kerajaan akan membelanjakan kira-kira RM1.3 bilion untuk memulihkan 47 skim perumahan terbengkalai di seluruh negara menerusi tabung Skim Pemulihan Projek Terbengkalai (SPPT) tidak lama lagi.
Rumah terbengkalai :SPN terima RM1.3 billion  29/01/2001 Utusan
BAGAN DATOH 28 Jan – Kerajaan memperuntukkan RM1.3 billion kepada Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPN) bagi menyelesaikan masalah rumah terbengkalai di seluruh negara. Pengerusi SPN, Datuk Zahid Hamidi berkata, dianggarkan sebanyak 47 skim perumahan terlibat dalam projek pemulihan itu.
HBA: No abandoned projects if developers follow the law 29/12/2001 The Star By Clarence Chua
PETALING JAYA: House buyers would not have to face the prospects of abandoned projects if the law was properly adhered to, said the House Buyers Association (HBA).
MB pushing for revival of projects 29/01/2001 NST
PORT DICKSON, Sun. - The State Government is doing its level best to revive several abandoned projects which have become eye-sores in Seremban and other districts. Although no solution is yet in sight, Menteri Besar Tan Sri Mohamad Isa Abdul Samad said he "is personally in contact with the developers" to push for the revival of the projects, which were abandoned during the economic slowdown.
Tougher action to ensure safety' 29/01/2001 NST
BUKIT MERTAJAM, Sun. - Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon is proposing to the Federal Government for more stringent action against developers, architects and project engineers who do not adhere to building specifications. A detailed study on such practises, he said, must be carried out immediately as unprofessional attitudes could cost lives.
Menara Kuda Lari case going to High Court 29/01/2001 NST
PENANG, Sun. - After four years of waiting for the completion of their apartments, nearly 200 buyers of a stalled development project are hoping their wait will end soon by turning to the law. An application to the High Court will be made next week for the appointment of a receiver and manager to oversee the completion of Menara Kuda Lari project in Georgetown.
Dwellers owe RM11m in rental 29/01/2001 NST
JOHOR BARU, Sun. - Dwellers of public low-cost housing owe the Johor Government RM11 million in outstanding rental over several years, hence the poor maintenance of these premises. State Domestic Trade, Consumer Affairs and Housing Committee chairman Samat Aripin said many dwellers had complained of being forced to live in run-down, squalid conditions due to poor maintenance of the buildings.
`Govt flat dwellers have not paid rent for 30 years' 29/01/2001 BT
PEOPLE staying in Johor Government public housing flats have not paid rent for more than 30 years, State Executive Councillor for Housing, Consumer Affairs and Domestic Trade Samat Aripin said yesterday. He said the State Government was now arranging for talks with the flat residents committee to find ways to resolve the matter.
Owners demand for new houses 30/01/2001 NST
IPOH, Mon. - Fourteen house owners in Bandar Pengkalan Indah here whose houses are "sinking" due to land depression want the developer to build new units for them instead of just undertaking repair work. The houses, they said, should be demolished as there were a lot of defects which could become worse
Will buyers hiss or kiss developers? 30/01/2001 NST
With the Year of the Dragon last year, housebuyers ‘fired’ developers for their shoddy workmanship in building houses.
Protecting the interest of house buyers 30/01/2001 NST
I REFER to your recent report on the poor state of most newly-built houses. The Housing Developers Association (HDA) has lamented that the shoddy workmanship is due to the unskilled labourers in the construction industry. I for one, will not exonerate the HDA that easily.
Rumah retak, tebing terhakis 30/01/2001 HM
RAWANG: Belum selesai kes tebing runtuh di Taman Rawang Perdana, penduduk mengeluh lagi dengan masalah kelemahan keselamatan kawasan persekitaran dan keretakan bangunan kediaman. Masalah yang membelenggu penduduk sejak lebih setahun lalu itu didakwa tidak mendapat perhatian pihak berkaitan walaupun aduan dibuat kepada Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS)
No solution in sight as residents voice fear over repeat of landslide 30/01/2001 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - As the parties affected by the Taman Rawang Perdana landslide met today in search of a solution, residents in the area are voicing their fear of a repeat of the incident. While immediate efforts have been taken to clear the debris from the scene, residents said they had yet to be assured on how their lives and property would be protected.
Selangor government won't stop housing projects on hillsides 31/01/2001 The Star
THE Selangor Government will not stop hillside development because of the shortage of houses.
Make geological reports compulsory 31/01/2001  The Star
PETALING JAYA: The House buyers Association (HBA) has called on the Government to make mandatory for developers to furnish a geological report to the authorities before housing projects are approved
Homes 'built on ex-mining land' 31/01/2001  The Star
Fire-fighting equipment damaged by vandals 31/01/2001 MM
IF there is a fire at the San Peng flats, fire-fighters will face a daunting task. The hoses at the low-cost flats are without the nozzles and may be worthless in case of an emergency.

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