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Dua firma atasi masalah rumah  04/01/1997 BH
KOTA KINABALU, Jumaat - Kementerian Kerajaan Tempatan dan Perumahan Sabah menubuhkan dua syarikat, KKTP (Sabah) Sdn Bhd dan MLGH Sdn Bhd untuk menangani masalah perumahan serta bandar di negeri ini. Setiausaha Tetap kementerian berkenaan, Datuk Abdul Ghani Rashid, berkata KKTP (Sabah) Sdn Bhd berfungsi memulihkan semula projek perumahan terbengkalai pelaksanaannya di Sabah.

Call to pay for drainage work first 06/01/1997 NST-LTIMES
THE Penang Department of Environment has requested developers to adopt a new work scheduling payment sysatem for work on the drainage portion of the project to be paid first instead of last. At present, the drainage portion is the last to be undertaken when the project is about to be completed, said the department's (DoE) acting director Raja Rokiah Raja Saigon.

City Hall tenders to revive abandoned housing scheme  13/01/1997 MM
CITY HALL is calling for a tender to complete the abandoned housing project in Keramat Jaya. The contractor is expected to be selected from a list of 10 names provided by the Finance Ministry.

Projek terbengkalai dipulihkan  16/01/1997 BH
AMPANG, Rabu - Projek perumahan kos rendah membabitkan pembinaan tiga blok flet lima tingkat di Taman Rampai, Kampung Baru Ampang di sini, yang terbengkalai sejak 10 tahun lalu, akan dipulihkan mulai bulan depan.

Guidelines to ensure developers know the laws, procedures 16/01/1997 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry has published a set of guidelines to ensure developers are familiar with the relevant laws and procedures. In announcing the "Dos and Don'ts for Housing Developers" today, Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said the guidelines were a compilation of several provisions and requirements taken from six existing laws.

Jalan Kasah stop-work order lifted 16/01/1997 NST-LTIMES
KUALA Lumpur City Hall has lifted the stop-work order issued to Lensa Development Sdn Bhd to halt construction on the controversial five-storey apartment-cum-office block behind a row of houses along Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara. The directive to the developer to continue work was issued yesterday.

Ministry guidebook for housing developers 16/01/1997 BT
IN ITS efforts to improve the state of affairs in the local housing industry especially with regards to the quality of workmanship, the Housing and Local Government Ministry published a guidebook on the do's and don'ts for housing developers in the country. The guidebook provides the housing developers with all the necessary steps to follow or avoid when undertaking a housing project.

Ipoh developer to rectify defects 17/01/1997 NST-LTIMES
THE developer of Intan Payong Sdn Bhd has assured buyers of shoplots in Metro Ipoh Baru that they will make good whatever defects found in the buildings within two weeks of receiving an official complaint. This assurance was given by general manager of the project, Lai Yeng Fock, during a two-hour dialogue between representatives of the developer and Metro Ipoh Baru Buyers' Committee at its site office in Ipoh recently.

Land of no returns 19/01/1997  SUM
A GROUP of squatters gullible enough to believe promises that the land they bought two years ago was protected by a politician are now trying to sell their properties to other unsuspecting buyers. After spending their savings building houses on their lots in Kampung Baru Subang Tambahan, these squatters numbering about 100 are now fed another story by the man who sold them the land - that a developer now wants the land back.

Pollution-free times in store for residents 23/01/1997 NST-LTIMES
THE Housing and Local Government Ministry's six-point guideline for developers with the aim of minimising nuisance caused by construction work to nearby residents is indeed sweet music to folk in fast-developing Kangar. Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh warned developers last Saturday to ensure that work by their contract workers would not upset people in the surrounding areas.

Factory owners assured 27/01/1997 MM
PROBLEMS over the lack of facilities at the 400 factory units in Kepong's Sri Edaran Light Industrial Park are expected to be resolved soon. An MBf Property Services Sdn Bhd spokesperson assured buyers that they are being attended to "progressively".

Plant-trees-first bylaw likely for developers 28/01/1997 NST
MALACCA, Mon. - The State may introduce a standard bylaw in its three local councils to get developers plant trees first before being allowed to start on their projects. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Abdul Ghani said the matter was being studied by the State legal advisor and the various local councils.


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