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JULY 2009


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Waiting for approval
06/07/09 NST
I REFER to the letter by Gursharan Singh of Kuala Lumpur on the abandoned Plaza Rak-yat project on the former Keratapi Tanah Melayu Sultan Street station ("Complete all such abandoned projects"-- NST, June 29).

Come forward, buyers of abandoned condo urged
06/07/2009 The Star By Fazleena Aziz
THE Platinum Damansara Buyers Pro tem Committee is urging more affected buyers to come forward in a bid to resolve problems surrounding the abandoned condominium project in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Housebuyer wants abandoned project revived
07/07/2009 The Star By GLADYS TAY
KLUANG: A schoolteacher who saved his earnings for many years to purchase his first house, is frustrated that the housing project was abandoned halfway.

No new home but yet saddled with bank loan
08/07/09 NST
A HOUSEWIFE living in the Skudai Kiri squatter settlement in Johor Baru is calling on the authorities to take action against the developer of Taman Baiduri for failing to complete a housing development project.


Soon, longer land leases on request
09/07/2009 NST
LANDOWNERS will have the leasehold period extended automatically on request under a recently-approved bill. This applies to land in new villages, agriculture zone, industrial plots and housing estates, where leaseholds may be extended by 60 or 99 years.

Additional measures needed
18/07/2009 The Star
DESPITE having adequate laws in place to throw the book at developers responsible for abandoned housing projects, industry participants say enforcement activities need to be stepped up if the issue is to be addressed effectively.

Grappling with abandoned projects
18/07/2009 The Star
THERE is a great deal of excitement that comes with booking one’s first home – you finally own a property which you can call your own (well, technically it belongs to the bank until the loan is repaid, but you are close), the stark relief when you have secured the financing for it and later, the mounting anticipation as you wait to occupy the property.

Resort township still an oil palm estate
18/07/2009 The Star
FOR Christopher John and many other aggrieved buyers of the abandoned Bandar Golden Valley Golf Resort in Jasin, Melaka, the road towards finding a solution has been long and gruelling.

Still paying loan but no apartment
18/07/2009 The Star

Still waiting for dream home
18/07/2009 The Star By Eugene Mahalingam


Voting procedure
21/07/2009 NST
JESSYLINA MAT LAZIM, Chief of Corporate Communications,for Chief Secretary,Housing and Local Government Ministry

A new life for project

22/07/09 The Star
AFTER more than a decade, the abandoned Taman Cemerlang housing project will be revived in the next three months.

Buyers in limbo as houses do not have CF

22/07/09 The Star By SIMON KHOO
KUANTAN: Some 300 housebuyers in Taman Perdana Raya in Karak are in a fix. Despite their houses being completed, they are unable to move in because there is no certificate of fitness for occupation (CF) from the local authorities.


Homeowners want CF issue resolved

22/07/09 The Star Story and photo by CHARLES FERNANDEZ
DESPITE their houses not being issued with the Certificate of Fitness (CF), 140 former Killinghall tin mine workers still moved into their units in Taman Putra Puchong since they were left with no choice.


Six-year-old low-cost flats falling apart

23/07/09 The Star Story and photos by SALINA KHALID
HAVING a house to call one’s own is a dream come true for most people, what more if they are moving from a squatter home that has provided shelter for years to a new, legal house of their own.

Apartment owners want developer to form a JMB soon
29/07/09 The Star By CHRISTINA LOW
RESIDENTS of D’aman Crimson apartments in Petaling Jaya held a small protest over the weekend to voice their displeasure over the delay of forming the Joint Management Body (JMB) by the developer.

Govt Expects To Revive One Third Of Abandoned Housing Projects
31/07/2009 Bernama
KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 (Bernama) -- The government Friday said that it would at least revive one third of the 148 abandoned housing projects in the country.


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