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Poor quality in two housing projects 03/01/1994 NST
KUANTAN, Sun. - Low and medium-cost houses and flats in two residential areas developed by Pasdec Corporation Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the State Economic Development Corporation, are found to have been built with sub-standard material. The low-cost terrace houses and low-cost flats were built on a 1,446-ha site in Bandar Indera Mahkota which was the State Government's development strategy for a new township. This was necessary so that development could be spread to the outskirts of the congested State capital.

Review procedures in construction industry 05/01/1994 NST
SOMETHING has gone wrong in our building industry at the present stage, particularly in the controlling mechanism which must be upgraded immediately. In any sizeable project, there are usually several parties involved - the authorities, the professionals such as the planner, architect, engineer, surveyors, builders, the bankers, etc.

Pihak berkuasa tidak tegas 04/01/1993 HM By Yusaini Ali
JOHOR BAHRU: Kegiatan maksiat dan penagihan dadah yang semakin menjadi- jadi di bandar ini ada kaitannya dengan sikap tidak tegas pihak berkuasa untuk membanteras kegiatan tidak sihat itu. Ini dapat dilihat apabila dua blok bangunan terbengkalai di Jalan Tun Abdul Razak kira-kira satu kilometer dari pusat bandar ini masih menjadi pusat kegiatan maksiat dan penagihan dadah.

`Set up panel to address buildings issues' 18/01/1994 BT
THE Housing Developers' Association of Malaysia (HDA) has urged the Government to form a panel comprising representatives of the public and private sectors to address legislative and other pertinent issues related to subdivided buildings. Its national council member Ms Florence Tan said the HDA is prepared to serve on the panel, and will embark on a campaign to educate prospective residents of subdivided projects on the culture of communal living and shared responsibility for a better community.

Joint panel to tackle highrise woes 18/01/1994 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry and the Land and Co-operative Development Ministry have agreed to set up a joint committee to identify and resolve management and maintenance problems faced by the management and owners of apartments or condominiums. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said today the committee would study the shortcomings of the Strata Titles Act and its implementation.

Ting's advice to prospective house-buyers 20/01/1994 BT
PROSPECTIVE house-buyers have been advised to refer to the Housing and Local Government Ministry if they have any doubt about a particular housing project or developer. Its minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said house-buyers should check whether a particular project is genuine or otherwise before committing themselves.

28 projek rumah terbengkalai 26/01/1994 BH
MENGGATAL, Selasa - Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan mengenal pasti 28 projek perumahan terbengkalai membabitkan 4,275 unit rumah di seluruh negeri sepanjang tahun lalu. Menterinya, Datuk Joseph Kurup, berkata daripada jumlah itu, pihaknya berjaya memulihkan tujuh projek perumahan, termasuk Taman View Point, Menggatal yang disiapkan oleh KC Project Management Services Sdn Bhd.

Architect to pay if at fault 31/01/1994 MM
AN inquiry is being carried out into the roofing defects of 10 houses in Taman Selatan, Klang, which may cause them to collapse. The Klang Municipal Council, which had on Jan 21 told the occupants to move out, will be asking the project architect to submit his report on the matter to facilitate the inquiry.


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