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Sakinas Sdn Bhd v. Siew Yik Hau & Anor 19 MARCH 2002 -  HIGH COURT (KUALA LUMPUR)
CIVIL APPEAL NO R1-11-139 OF 2000

Contract - Breach - Performance of contract - Purchasers took vacant possession after agreed date of delivery of  vacant possession - Whether purchasers had accepted performance of the developer's promise at a time other than the agreed date of delivery of vacant possession - Whether purchasers had to give developer notice of their intention to claim compensation for late delivery - Contracts Act 1950 s 56 (3)
- Damages - Liquidated damages - Damages for late delivery of vacant possession agreed to in sale and purchase agreement - Liquidated damages provided by legislation - Whether necessary for purchaser to adduce evidence of actual loss or damage suffered - Contracts Act 1950 s 75
Land Law - Housing developers - Damages for late delivery - Whether purchasers must prove actual damage of loss - Whether method of calculating liquidated damages as prescribed in Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Regulations 1989 was incapable of overriding s 75 of Contracts Act 1950 - Reasonable compensation under s 75 of Contracts Act 1950 - Whether liquidated damages prescribed in Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Regulations 1989 constituted reasonable compensation

Salmah Sulaiman & Anor.  V. Metroplex Development Sdn Bhd.10 SEPTEMBER 1996 - COURT OF APPEAL, KUALA LUMPUR [CIVIL APPEAL NO: W-04-31-94]

CONTRACT: Building contract - Vacant possession, delivery of - Delay - Whether purchaser entitled to damages for late delivery from developer - Determination of period of delay
CONTRACT: Building contract - Housing Developers (Control & Licensing) Rules 1970, r 12(1)(1) - Water and electricity, delay in supply of - Whether developer liable for delays caused by public authorities - Scope of developer's responsibilities - Whether purchaser entitled to damages for delay in supply of water and electricity

S.E.A. Housing Corp Sdn Bhd v. Lee Poh Choo 19 MARCH 1982 - FEDERAL COURT, KUALA LUMPUR [CIVIL APPEAL NO. 67 OF 1981]

LAND LAW: Housing Developers - Agreement to complete building within 18 months - Delay in completion - Acute shortage of contractors, skilled and construction workers at relevant time - General shortage of building materials - Whether caused by circumstances beyond developer's control to exempt liability - Respondent withholds final instalment payment to set off claim for delay in completion - Demand for balance of the damages - Whether respondent committed breach in holding payment of the final instalment.

Sinwara Sdn Bhd V. Maris Housing Sdn Bhd & Anor 26 NOVEMBER 2002 - HIGH COURT [KUALA LUMPUR]
SAMAN PEMULA NO: S6(S2)-24-3114-2001

Right to increase the management fee, and if so, whether the Plaintiff must pay before strata title is issued

Sor Kok Wah & 4 Ors v Draland Sdn Bhd 16 March 1998 -  HIGH COURT, MELAKA (Originating Summons NO 24-134-1997)

LAND LAW: Strata title - Application for title - Whether s. 6 or s. 7(2) of Strata Titles Act 1985 applicable to land held under qualified title - Whether application for strata titles after completion of building contrary to s. 10A(1) of the Act
LAND LAW: Strata title - Maintenance charges - Whether purchasers may claim damages for failure to apply for strata titles
LAND LAW: Strata title - Sale and purchase agreement - Term allowing developer to apply for strata title after completion of building - Whether contravenes s. 8 of Strata Titles Act 1985 - Whether an attempt to contract out a statutory provision

Sri Damansara Sdn Bhd v. Lim Ahat Kiat @Lim Pei Tiam 27 MARCH 1997 - HIGH COURT [KUALA LUMPUR]
[RAYUAN SIVIL NO: R3-11-130-94]

Land Law: Sale and purchase
CIVIL PROCEDURE - appeal against late delivery charges

Steven Phoa Cheng Loon & Ors v. Highland Properties Sdn Bhd & Ors 11 AUGUST 2000 -  HIGH COURT MALAYA, KUALA LUMPUR [CIVIL SUIT NO: S5-21-174-1996]

CIVIL PROCEDURE: Action - Party - Locus Standi - Rights in property assigned to another - Whether assignment absolute - Whether has right to sue in own name

Supreme Finance (M) Bhd v. Chandan Daya Sdn Bhd & Anors 14 FEBRUARY 1990 - HIGH COURT MALAYA, KUALA LUMPUR [ORIGINATING SUMMONS NO. F31-3899-1986]

LAND LAW: Charge - Default by chargee - Interest of third party purchaser - Actual notice - Registration - Indefeasibility - Principles on which interest can be varied - Not party to charge documents - Equitable interest - Nature of incumbrance - National Land Code 1965, s. 340 - Civil Law Act 1956, s. 11(a). Whether to be granted

Sykt. Muzwina Development Sdn Bhd lwn. Abbas & Ngan13 OGOS 1990 - MAHKAMAH TINGGI MALAYA, IPOH [SAMAN PEMULA NO. 24-246-90]
Syarikat Lean Hup (Liew Brother) Sdn Bhd v. Cheow Chong Thai 26 MAY 1988 - HIGH COURT [KUALA LUMPUR] CIVIL APPEAL NO 11-9-1987
Syarikat Gunung Sejahtera Sdn Bhd v. Lim Sze On & Ors 16 JULY 2007 - COURT OF APPEAL, PUTRAJAYA [CIVIL APPEAL NO: A-02-256-2002]

Syarikat Kemajuan Perumahan Negara Sdn Bhd V. Lee  Cheng & Anor 08 SEPTEMBER 2005 COURT OF APPEAL, PUTRAJAYA [CIVIL APPEAL NO: C-04-28-1999]

CONTRACT: Building Contract - Delivery of vacant possession - Whether developer obliged to energize supply of water and electricity into Building before handing over vacant possession of Building - Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Regulations 1989.

CONTRACT: Housing development - Sale and purchase Agreement - Sale and purchase Agreement subject to the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Regulations 1989 - Vacant possession - Whether vacant possession under the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Regulations 1989 presupposes the developer's responsibility to energize the supply of water and electricity into the Building.


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