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Gallant Heights Development Sdn Bhd v. Roger Razman Smith Abdullah & Ors 20 SEPTEMBER 2005 HIGH COURT MALAYA, KUALA LUMPUR [CIVIL SUIT NO: S3-24-2147-04]
[1] This originating summons is an application by the plaintiff to evict the defendants from the premises of the management office of an apartment known as Sri Bangsar Apartment, pursuant to the summary process as provided for under O. 89 of the Rules of the High Court, 1980.
Gan Hwa Kian & Anor v. Shencourt Sdn Bhd 8 FEBRUARY 2007 - HIGH COURT MALAYA, KUALA LUMPUR [ORIGINATING SUMMONS NO: S2-24-1208-2001]
CONTRACT: Sale and purchase of property - Delay in completion - Rescission - Time of essence - Whether plaintiffs entitled to rescind contract - Whether plaintiffs entitled to refund of monies paid for purchase - Whether plaintiffs’ entitlement to liquidated damages took away right to rescind - Whether plaintiffs could recover insurance premium paid - Contracts Act 1950, ss. 56(1), 76

Gasing Heights Sdn Bhd v. Aloyah Abd Rahman & Ors  02 AUGUST 1996 -  HIGH COURT MALAYA, SHAH ALAM [CIVIL SUIT NO: 22-187-91]

CIVIL PROCEDURE: Abuse of process - Malicious institution of proceedings - Whether an abuse of Court's process by way of a distinct tort - Whether tort of maliciously instituting civil proceedings exists - Whether action for remedies afforded by the law can amount to an abuse of process - Collateral advantage - Ulterior purpose


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