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  1. Regulation key to strata-titled living 01/07/2005 The Sun By Sujartha Kumarasamy
    “LOOK before you leap,” advises Neil Lawson about investing in a strata-titled community. Lawson, the executive director of Queensland’s Bureau of Land Information and Titles in Australia, says: “Strata-titled communities might not be for everyone. So, it is best to check out how a community is being run. Do your homework… study the statements detailing entitlements, obligations, funding arrangements and management responsibilities.”

  2. Seeking security in gated enclaves 05/07/2005 The Sun
    GATED communities are getting popular. From the point of view of housebuyers, they offer an additional alternative in the housing market. However, from the point of view of some social scientists, they are vehicles of elitism and social exclusion. It is urgent that the issues be discussed.

  3. Lack of legislative support hindering gated community development 07/07/2005 The Sun
    KUALA LUMPUR: There is rising demand for gated communities in Malaysia. But the lack of legislative support in implementing such projects has delayed their development, Kumpulan Sierramas Sdn Bhd executive director Bernard Tan says. Presenting a paper on "Practical Issues of Gated Development in Malaysia" at the 16th National Real Estate Convention 2005, he notes that the need for better security among residents has increased strongly

  4. Calls for govt to review rules on infrastructure 11/07/2005 The Star
    MALAYSIANS’ rapidly changing lifestyle has heralded changes in the way people want to live and new innovations in living spaces in many parts of the country, notably in Kuala Lumpur.

  5. Should there be a new law? 30/07/2005 NST
    Streamlining the Strata Titles Act (STA) to give legislative context to a gated comunity (GC) scheme can be complicated, so the faster option may be to create new legislation explicitly for such a scheme.

  6. Up close and personal with gated-&-guarded communities 30/07/2005 NST-PROP
    We seem to be at a tipping point, in the words of author and New Yorker Magazine journalist Malcolm Gladwell, in our residential development sector, what with the proliferation of gated-and-guarded housing schemes, or gated communities (GCs), as they are commonly called.

  7. Paperless submissions in the works 22/09/2005 The Star
    On gated communities, the Datuk Bandar said City Hall was studying a suggestion by Real Estate and Housing Developers Association to reduce or waive assessment rates for gated residential areas.

  8. Public road fast turning pivate 26/09/2005 The Star By RIGHT OF WAY,Kota Kemuning
    WE REFER to Jalan 31/109 Kota Kemuning, which is a main road connecting the 'eastern side' of Kota Kemuning to the 'western side.' This main road also leads to the main entrance of Kota Kemuning Hill park at Jalan 31/109D, a public park.

  9. The lure of ‘Privatopia’ 15/10/2005 NST-PROP By Salleh Buang
    There is a growing body of literature on gated communities, not only abroad but also locally. PropertyTimes has focused on this issue several times in the past, from the perspectives of both the law - which is still significantly missing - and practice, which is uncertain and far from being uniform.

  10. Don't abuse public areas in the name of security 19/10/2005 The Star By Freebird, Bukit Damansara
    I refer to RIGHT OF WAY's letter (StarMetro, Sept 26) on the increasingly bold manner in which private citizens are taking over our public spaces in the name of security. RIGHT OF WAY refers to the problem in Kota Kemuning, but this seems to be a nationwide trend and local authorities seem to have no clue what to do.

  11. Keep non-gated status 28/10/2005 The Star
    THE Residents Association of Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selangor, will build guardhouses within Taman Wawasan 1, 2 and 3 next month.

  12. Help us stay competitive, say industry bodies 10/12/2005 NST
    Three industry associations have in a joint memorandum highlighted the difficulties they face in six specific areas and have called on the Government to "value our role" in stimulating and maintaining the nation's economic growth.

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