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Build then Sell (BTS)
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Pros and cons of build then sell
26/12/2000 MM
UNDER the "sell then build" (STB) concept, a businessman can become a developer almost overnight, by acquiring land.

Build first, then sell policy mooted for houses
20/04/2001  Malaysia Kini National House Buyers Association
The government has been urged to implement a 'Build first then sell' concept - where developers can sell their properties only after they are fully-built- to overcome numerous complaints by disgruntled home buyers relating to abandoned housing projects.

Build-then-sell works for Bandar Utama
19/11/2001 www. theedge.daily By Audra Jeyaraj
Build then sell or sell then build? This is a question property developers have asked themselves for decades now. For Bandar Utama Development Sdn Bhd, the developer of Bandar Utama, the build-then-sell concept has worked out well.

No to build then sell
21/09/2002  NST-PROP By Eileen Ng
The build then sell concept is not applicable in Malaysia now as the country’s property market has yet to mature and there is still strong demand for housing, said Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association (Rehda) president Datuk Jeffrey Ng.

Model for compromise
21/09/2002 NST-PROP By National House Buyers Association
A system that has been practised over a long period of time eventually becomes the accepted norm in a society.

Rethinking our delivery system
21/09/2002 NST-PROP By  National House Buyers Association
The property industry’s decades-old practice of “selling off-the-plan” passes the financial burden that ought to be borne by developers squarely on house buyers.

The plus points
21/09/2002 NST-PROP By National House Buyers Association
It is an age-old tenet of business practice that businessmen have to shoulder the capital for whatever activities they undertake. More significantly, they also have to carry the risk of either success or failure. However, the property industry appears to be the only exception to this well accepted and universal tenet.

A step closer to build then sell
17/12/2002 www. theedge.daily My Space:By Kumar Tharmalingam
Many years ago, Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that a measure of his success as a leader in a multi-racial country was that none of the three major communities was satisfied with his performance. And that if one community was completely satisfied, he was not doing a good job as prime minister. The Housing Development (Control & Licensing) (Amendment) Act 2002, effective Dec 1, 2002, was hailed by consumer groups and house buyers associations as a step in the right direction. Housing developers on the other hand, have expressed alarm and concern over certain provisions they fear could open a Pandora’s box of nasty, petty litigants.

Build first, sell later
20/12/2002 The Star

Adopt build-then-sell variant
11/01/2003 NST-PROP By National House Buyers Association
It is refreshing to know that the Ministry of Housing and Local Government is in harmony with our thinking and that the newly implemented amendments to the Housing Development Act actually encourages developers to adopt the build-then-sell concept for the property industry. To propose an absolute build-then-sell concept is probably too big a paradigm shift and the industry players may not be in any mood to consider it. Hence what we propose is a variant of the concept.

Merits of build-and-sell
11/02/2003 www. theedge.daily Reminiscences: By Shaik Osman Majid
We are one of the few countries where a house is bought on nothing more than an artist’s impression. We hand out down payments when we are allocated a space in one of the phases the developer launches. We search out and obtain loans before signing the sale and purchase agreement (S&P) in the belief that the developer will deliver the house of our dreams in two years.

"Build  then Sell" concept should be adopted in Malaysia
29/03/2003 Utusan
KUALA LUMPUR March 28 - "Build then Sell" concept should be adopted in Malaysia to end the house buyers' misery as risk factors would be shifted from buyers to the developers and financial institutions, said House Buyers Association (HBA).

Purchasers push for build-and-sell system
22/06/2003  NST
BUYING a house can sometimes be a bad investment, especially in the following circumstances: when the project is abandoned, when your house turns out to be a lopsided building filled with cracks, and when your house is in the middle of no-where - not 20 minutes from Kuala Lumpur as promised by the developer. One way to ensure that buying a house is not as risky as investing in the stock market is to ensure that the house is ready when it is purchased. The National House Buyers Association has been advocating the build-and-sell concept for quite sometime now.

`Build-first-sell-later concept will affect supply drastically'
26/06/2003 NST
THE "build first sell later" concept as a means to help house buyers and overcome the problem of abandoned housing projects will create a set of different problems. Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said many developers would not be able to embark on housing projects and supply would drop drastically.

“Build first “’policy proposed
17/9/2003 The Star
The Government should re-examine the "self first, build later" housing policy as the concept places risk on buyers instead of on developers, said a back- bencher. Lee Kah Choon (BN - Jelutong) said the average cost of an apartment unit bought by medium-income earners was about RM200,000.

Rumah siap baru jual 
13/12/2003 HARIAN METRO
Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin, berkata ini bagi memastikan pembeli rumah mendapat layanan baik.

`Promote build-then-sell plan' 
15/12/2003 NST
The National House Buyers Association today called on public agencies such as Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd and state economic development corporations to take the lead in promoting the “build-then-sell” concept.

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