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Property Articles by Lawyers
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Public policy: Onus on Parliament to remove uncertainty
26/03/2006 Sunday Times By Dominic J. Puthucheary and Firoz Hussein
AFTER a marathon legal battle lasting 12 years, the former residents of the ill-fated Highland Towers were told on Feb 17 that the Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ) would not be held liable for its part in the events that caused the tragedy, and for its failure to come up with and implement a promised drainage master plan or to stabilise the hill slope, causing the "post-collapse failure".

Keeping forgers away from your property
19/05/2006 The Sun  By Andrew Wong and Nicole Tan
AFTER having paid a great deal of money to own a property, and after many years of hard work, toil and sweat to pay off your bank loan, you feel proud and happy that your property is now free from encumbrances and yours to enjoy. You further feel an immense sense of security as the original title is safely tucked under your mattress or locked in a bank vault.

Conventional or Islamic loan financing?
02/06/2006 The Sun By Kalathevy Sivagnanam
TODAY, most banks and financial institutions offer to a purchaser of property, a choice of either a conventional loan or Islamic financing. When asked about the difference between these two types of financing, the general answer is that both are the same, except in a conventional loan, the purchaser will pay interest, and in Islamic financing, the purchaser will pay a profit.

Law of Landlord and Tenant
16/06/2006 The Sun Law & Realty By Yang Pei Keng
WHERE can you find our law on landlord and tenant? Surprisingly, to date, our Parliament has not passed any comprehensive legislation to cover the law on landlord and tenant. 

Making a bid at a public auction
30/06/2006 The Sun Law & Realty By Andrew Wong
Generally, there are two types of public property auctions taking place in Malaysia, and anyone who intends to bid at a public auction should know what additional costs he may have to incur, over and above the purchase price.Judicial auction

Improving land office delivery system
14/07/2006 The Sun
LAW & REALTY By Nicole Tan
I remember first setting my eyes on a “Piagam Pelanggan” or Client’s Charter in a Land Office about a few years ago. I felt my heart strangely warmed. Some of the promises given in the Client’s Charter were as follows:-

Hill-Slope Disasters (Part I) 
04/08/2006 The Sun 
LAW & REALTY By Derek Fernandez
The Hulu Klang hill-slope landslide in June saw the loss of lives, including that of a mother still hugging a 4 year old child, and buried under 4 metres of earth.

Hill-Slope Disasters (Part II)
11/08/2006 The Sun 
LAW & REALTY By Derek Fernandez
Lack of law or lack of will? On June 22, 2002, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment issued strict and detailed guidelines to all State Governments and Federal Agencies in connection with hill slope development, known as "the Garis Panduan Pembangunan di Kawasan Tanah Tinggi (GPPDKTT)".

Real property gains tax and the executor
25/08/2006 The Sun By Yang Pei Keng
The real property gains tax (“gains tax”) is a form of tax that you have to pay when you sell any landed property, for example, a residential house, a shophouse (including a shoplot, an apartment and a flat). No gains tax is payable if you buy a landed property.

How much should you pay a lawyer in a property transaction?
08/09/2006 The Sun Law & Realty By Andrew Wong
Before you engage a lawyer to act for you in a property transaction, it is prudent to ask the lawyer to give you an estimate of the legal fees and disbursements that will be incurred to complete the transaction.

The role of a solicitor in a property transaction
22/09/2006 The Sun
LAW & REALTY By Andrew Wong
Parties to a property transaction should understand and appreciate the duty and responsibilities of a solicitor in a typical conveyancing transaction.

Prohibition of assignment and the law
28/09/2006  By Nicholas Chang Chen Seng
Without making any detailed elucidation of the laws pertaining to assignment in this country, as it is assumed that all who are considering this short work would possess the minimum knowledge of the law pertaining to assignment, it is proposed that this short work would leap straight to the question at hand: Prohibition of Assignment and the Law.

FIC guidelines on acquisition of properties
06/10/2006 The Sun
LAW & REALTY By Andrew Wong
Since its inception, the Foreign Investment Committee ("FIC") has issued various guidelines for the regulation of acquisition of properties by foreign interests.

A Purchaser's Responsibilities
20/10/2006 The Sun
LAW & REALTY By Loh Wann Yuan
ONCE a purchaser has engaged a lawyer to act for him in a purchase transaction, his solicitor will act accordingly to protect the purchaser's interest in the transaction.

Importance of legal representation
03/11/2006 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Nicole Tan
Don’t try to save on legal fees and end up paying more if your rights and interests are somewhat compromised.

When a person dies without making a will
24/11/2006 The Sun Law & Realty By Roger Tan
When a person dies without making a will, we lawyers say he has died intestate. His property is then known as his estate, and his children, his “issue”.

Understanding an SPA - (Part 1)
08/12/2006 The Sun-Law & Realty By Cheong Yoke Ping
A SUB-SALE of a property (“Property”) occurs when a Purchaser purchases a Property from a Vendor who is not a developer.

Understanding an SPA - (Part 2)
22/12/2006 The Sun Law & Realty By Cheong Yoke Ping
In this Part 2, the writer continues to explain some additional terms and conditions of a normal and typical transaction relating to the purchase of a Property from a Vendor, other than a developer.Memorandum of Transfer or Deed of Assignment

Three Bills a boon for home buyers
25/12/2006, NST By Roger Tan
It’s been a good year for home buyers, says ROGER TAN as a slew of Bills has been passed to protect their interest.
OVER the last two weeks of the December parliamentary session, the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara passed three important Bills to amend the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133), Housing Development (Control and Licensing Act 1966 (Act 118) and Strata Titles Act 1985 (Act 318).


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