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Counter-checking crucial to quality
08/01/2005 NST-PROP
THE National House Buyers Association of Malaysia foresees many pitfalls if the certification of residential buildings for the issue of the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CF) is implemented without a thorough study.

Self-certification or self-destruction?
08/01/2005 NST-PROP
SINCE Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made the call for Certificates of Fitness for Occupation (CFs) of completed housing units to be issued by professional consultants working on these projects instead of by local councils as is currently the case, two distinct opinions have been formed.

Housing Minister to the rescue
05/02/2005 NST-PROP
WHEN a housing development project fails, everyone in Malaysia suffers. Individual buyers tend to suffer in terms of broken dreams, time wasted, fees paid, being stuck with an end-financing loan, losing a portion of their Employees' Provident Fund savings - and, on top of all this, have nothing to show.

In the name of speed  
12/02/2005 NST-PROP
THIS week, the HBA rebuts arguments supporting self-certification of completed housing units from the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia and Persatuan Akitek Malaysia, and reiterates the problems and its fears.

The Baiting Game
01/03/2005 MB-HPROP
The banking system is flushed with RM140 billion liquidity. This explains the increasingly aggressive sales promotions undertaken by financial institutions for the housing industry.

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest  
08/01/2005 The Sun
For many people, purchasing a home could well be the most important financial decision of their lives.

Sinking fund reality check
05/03/2005 NST-PROP
HISHAM has been living in a condominium he purchased eight years ago.

Banking on interest
01/04/2005 MB-HPROP
AT one of our `Meet the Public' session, a group of terrace-house buyers came in with a problem.

CFs must prevail
02/04/2005 NST-PROP

TWO distinct schools of thought have emerged since Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made the call for Certificates of Fitness for Occupation (CFs) for completed houses be issued by the professional consultants working on these projects instead of by local councils, as is currently the case.

Striking a compromise
21/5/2005 NST-PROP
THE National House Buyers Association says the impending certification of housing by professionals instead of by the Government might work if .

A 30-year shame
11/06/2005 NST-PROP
Delays on the part of property developers in obtaining strata titles for subdivided buildings have remained the biggest problem faced by house buyers for the fourth year running, a recent study by the National House Buyers Association (HBA) has shown.

18/06/2005  NST-PROP
There are many reasons why people make their homes in condominiums.

Swayed by guaranteed returns?
01/07/2005 MB-HPROP
CALL them what you like - leasebacks, buy-to-let, cash back, own-for-free - developers have come up with creative plans to woo investors with guaranteed rental returns (GRRs) on yet-to-be-built properties.

Pillory the rogue
22/10/2005 NST-PROP
The clamour for transparency in Government since the Approved Permit for vehicles fiasco broke out several months ago should have taught the Ministry of Housing and Local Government some lessons, considering that it had received so many pleas from aggrieved house buyers for such a long time.

Empowering house buyers
12/11/2005 NST-PROP
A victory has been won in getting names of errant developers posted on Housing Ministry's website Consumers today have various forms of protection when they make purchases, whether these are electrical appliances or motor vehicles.


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