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Caveat emptor? 
01/01/2004 MB-HPROP  
`A good property developer touches no man's fortune; seeks no plunder; causes no disturbance in society; gives no trouble to Members of Parliament; needs no trade association to protect its interests; contemplates no violence; subverts no order; accepts no gift, nor asks any favor; knows what after sales service is.'

Tribunal back on track 
03/01/2004 NST-PROP
The landmark ruling of the Court of Appeal has to a degree levelled the playing field

The not-so-mutual Deed of Mutual Covenant  01/02/2004 MB-HPROP
Whenever one buyers a piece of property where there are common facilities, such as security, social amenities and other areas that require the involvement of all unit owners, one will be required to enter into a Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC).

Transition pitfalls
01/03/2004 MB-HPROP
Seven recommendations for a smooth handover. It is not uncommon for owners of subdivided properties to be stressed out by the transition of the management corporation (MC) developer's control to owners’ control.

Time for an Ombudsman
02/03/2004 NST-PROP
The post would help address grievances concerning public authorities.

Know what you buy
01/04/2004 MB-HPROP
Things may not be as they seem

Tell it to the Judge  
01/05/2004 MB-HPROP
'How to bring your case up to the Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims

New doesn't mean perfect  
01/06/2004 MB-HPROP
Complaint One; `WHEN the house was handed to us, we found some cracks etc.

Supporting the ideal approach  
05/06/2004 NST-PROP
The National House Buyers Association (HBA) lauds Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's suggestion that developers should build-then-sell and 'have funds in hand before embarking on projects".

Knock, knock! Any good developers out there?
01/07/2004 MB-HPROP
THE housing industry has come a long way since the advent of large scale housing development in the late fifties and early sixties.

Principles to build by 03/07/2004 NST-PROP
The housing industry has come a long way, maturing over the years and offering buyers more than just four walls and a roof.

Pushing risk back to developers  
01/08/2004 MB-HPROP
LAST May, the Prime Minister made a suggestion that developers should adopt the `build and sell' concept.

Having a Say in the Way We Pay
01/09/2004 MB-HPROP
For the past two decades, the subject of ‘build then sell’, or rather a better system of purchasing homes from housing developers, has been debated and studied, but it has still remained a voluntary concept.

Nature of the game
11/09/2004 NST-PROP By Andrew Wong
To create balance, also in this issue is the first in a series of articles by the National House Buyers' Association, on every reason why the build-then-sell method should and could be the new way to buy houses?.

Not right to pay first
11/09/2004 NST-PROP
WE at the National House Buyers Association Malaysia (HBA) agree with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that it is not right for purchasers to pay first before getting their houses.

When enforcement is lacking
18/09/2004 NST-PROP
IT is not uncommon to come across cases where buyers are given vacant possession to their newly built houses, only to find that their developers have not yet even applied for the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CF).

More than was bargained for
25/09/2004 NST-PROP
WE at the National House Buyers' Association (HBA) sometimes can't blame buyers who have unwillingly "married" errant developers to vent their frustrations on us, even though it is our assistance they seek.

Self-Certification or Self-Destruction
13/10/2004 MB-HPROP
The Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) is the house buyer’s entry card into their new house. Without it, house buyers cannot occupy their house. As for subdivided buildings, no strata title will be issued without a CFO.

That Sinking Feeling
01/11/2004 MB-HPROP
There are the grouses we frequently hear from strata property owners who are not satisfied with the way their developers are handling the sinking fund. Here, we highlight some issues on the fund.

Making build-then-sell work
20/11/2004 NST-PROP
MANY countries in the region have adopted the build-then-sell concept of housing supply. However, developers in Malaysia are far ahead of those in many other countries in terms of skills and technology.

Investing in serviced apartments
 01/12/2004 MB-HPROP
IF you should type in the words `serviced apartments' in an Internet search engine, you likely to see thousands of results. However, unlike the `serviced apartments' offered for sale by developers here, these are apartments related to travellers seeking alternative long-term lodging as an alternative to hotels.


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