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Buyer Watch Issues
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Adopt build-then-sell variant  
11/01/2003 NST-PROP
It is refreshing to know that the Ministry of Housing and Local Government is in harmony with our thinking and that the newly implemented amendments to the Housing Development Act actually encourages developers to adopt the build-then-sell concept for the property industry.

Jail the offenders
15/02/2003 NST-PROP
Stricter enforcement and custodial sentences against errant developers will help clean up the housing industry.

The waiting game
01/03/2003 NST-PROP
Many house buyers complain of having to take over of vacant possession (VP) of their new houses when they are not ready for occupation.  

The elusive strata title
15/03/2003 NST-PROP
In statistics compiled over the past two years, problems with strata titles are high on the list of complaints we received from buyers.

Redress through the Tribunal
29/03/2003 NST-PROP
HBA provides some guidance for using this new forum of dispute resolution between buyers and developers

Vigilant watchdogs
01/04/2003 MB-HPROP
WHEN you buy a loaf of bread or a new car, you can sleep at night knowing that legislation and regulations are in place to ensure these products meet certain health or safety standards.

A cry for resolution
05/04/2003 NST-PROP
RHETORIC will not resolve the problems of homeowners without strata titles.

Tips for buyers
12/04/2003 NST-PROP
Malaysiaís premier property fair is here.

Without fear or favour
26/04/2003 NST-PROP
The advent of large-scale public housing can be traced back to the days of Independence when demand soared on the back of a fast-growing population.

Together we stand
01/05/2003 NST-PROP
IF there's one volunteer organisation you're going to contribute your time and interest to, make it your residents' committee.

Paying for your ignorance
10/05/2003  NST-PROP
Read the unfortunate experience of a buyer who paid cash for a "sell-then-build" property .

Questioning the housing safeguard
17/05/2003 NST-PROP
BY law, all housing developers are required to open a Housing Development Account into which all money collected from purchasers must be remitted.

Housing Houdinis
31/05/2003 NST-PROP
A fortnight ago, we discussed what happens when the enforcement of the Housing Development Account (HD Acct) fails, and the trail of havoc that follows. Today, let's look at how this account can be evaded and/or manipulated by unscrupulous housing developers.

Is condominium living for you?
01/06/2003 MB-HPROP
Questions to ask if you're thinking of buying a condo. People buy condominiums for a myriad of reasons. Many condominiums have security services and amenities.

Pay only for completed houses
07/06/2003 NST-PROP
Several complaints have been recently vented by buyers of abandoned serviced apartment projects that the Housing Ministry canít do anything to help them.

Fair trading
21/06/2003 NST-PROP
Since the late 1990s, when real estate fairs first began to take root as a feature of our property market, their objectives have all been the same - to promote and sell property stock and and financial products.

Getting to know you
01/07/2003 MB-HPROP
THE process of purchasing a home can either be enjoyable or a nightmare. Suddenly, you will be dealing with a whole team of unfamiliar faces relating to your house purchase.

No light in the tunnel
12/07/2003 NST-PROP
Even with the creation of the Strata Title Board, owners are no closer to receiving their titles.

About the strata titles board
19/07/2003 NST-PROP
One of the eye-opening amendments to our Strata Titles Act, 1985 is the formation of the Strata Titles Board as spelt out under part IX-A and which came into being on Dec 1, 2001.

Tribunal on trial?
06/07/2003 NST-PROP
To say it cannot hear cases prior to its inception only reflects a guilty conscience.

Know what you sign  
01/08/2003 MB-HPROP
YOU have probably heard of the `standard' sale and purchase agreement (SPA), but what is standard?

Stratified considerations
02/08/2003 NST-PROP
Most units in residential strata schemes such as flats, apartments and condos are small in size so that they can be affordably priced to suit the budgets of home-makers just starting out in life, such as singles and newlyweds.

Fresh stab at old wound
30/08/2003 NST-PROP
Has supervision and enforcement by the authorities plunged to such depths that a developer, having had a history of abandoning a housing scheme, be allowed to renew its licence so it can sell again?

Book first, regret later
01/09/2003 MB-HPROP
House buyers are advised to do their homework first to avoid booking fee headaches.

Minimising house buyers' risk  
01/10/2003 MB-HPROP
'Build then sell" delivery of houses protects buyers from failed developments.

Information pays
25/10/2003 NST-PROP
Buyers who invest in the knowledge of how to purchase properties can avoid pitfalls.

Strata living
01/11/2003 MB-HPROP
Own a strata property? Know your rights and responsibilities

Managing Together (Part II) 
08/11/2003 NST-PROP
IF you have invested in a stratified project, you most obviously would want to make sure the structure in which your purchase is situated in, is properly cared for at all times.

01/12/2003 MB-HPROP
What happens when your house is uncompleted and what you can do about it

Self-certification: boon or bane?
20/12/2003 NST-PROP
The Housing Minister should be lauded for his move to cut down the number of technical departments involved in the approval process for the issuance of Certificates of Fitness for Occupation (CF).


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