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Housing Ministry: Not true we only ‘compound’ errant developers
01/03/08 Property New Straits Times
The Housing and Local Government Ministry has denied allegations it only requires developers that break laws to pay monetary fines. The types of action by the ministry’s Monitoring and Enforcement Division, it said, are based on the nature of the offences committed.

Community living know-how
22/03/08 NST-PROP
As the country enters a new era of democracy, all of us are beginning to realise the importance of information so we can be aware of our rights and obligations. This is especially true for apartment owners concerned about the management and maintenance of their projects, which is now governed by the Building & Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 (BCP Act).

Ensuring clean water supply
25/03/08 Zuhaila Sedek
There’s no pleasant way to say what might literally sound distasteful, but to come right out and say it: Due to an oversight in our laws, the water we consume from our taps could contain dust, rust, bacteria, fungus … and even worse.

The 10:90 trial goes on
25/03/08 NST-PROP By Zuhaila Sedek
House buyers anxious to know the fate of the 10:90 variant of the Build-Then-Sell (BTS) system will have to hold their breaths for a bit longer.

When ignorance isn’t bliss
12/05/08 NST-PROP By G. Umakanthan
So, you’re pretty riled up that your first attempt to have a cosy little place to call your own ended on a bitter note. Perhaps you’re so infuriated that you’re even thinking of asking a lawyer to sue the shirt off the back of the developer that cheated you..

Completion not guaranteed
01/07/2008 By National House Buyers Association
Published in Iproperty Magazine
With news that house prices may rise by as much as 30% due to steel price hikes, those planning to buy may regret not signing on earlier. Those who have, and are awaiting completion of their homes, may smile at locking in their purchase, not worrying even if prices of new launches skyrocket by 100%.


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