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MAY 2009


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Stalled project in Shah Alam to be revived 01/05/2009 The Star
AN abandoned project in Section 20, Shah Alam, will soon be revived by a new developer. Work on the Sri Puteri apartments, which was stalled for five years, is expected to begin in December and completed in 36 months.

Abandoned Plaza Rakyat project stands out like a sore thumb in city 01/05/2009 The Star By JAYAGANDI JAYARAJ
THE Plaza Rakyat project in Kuala Lumpur was launched at about the same time that the Suria KLCC was being

Probe into stalled housing project 01/05/2009 The Star By JADE CHAN
DEPUTY Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk T. Murugiah will be holding a meeting at his office on Monday to address the issue of a stalled housing project in Taman Saga 4, Kota Raja, Klang. “


Complex revival plan 01/05/2009 The Star By SIMON KHOO
KUANTAN: Despite being located at the town centre adjacent to the bus terminal, Kompleks Makmur has failed to become a prime shopping spot here. The problem started when the developer-cum-complex-management firm ran into financial difficulties, leaving the unit owners in the lurch.


Few projects abandoned in Johor in last 10 years 01/05/2009 The Star By ZAZALI MUSA
JOHOR BARU: House buyers in Johor should not be unduly worried that housing projects in the state will be abandoned during the current economic downturn. In the last 10 years, the state had seen only 2% of projects

Better buildings 05/05/2008 The Star By TAN CHENG LI
A new green labelling scheme is nudging Malaysian builders to put up structures that save energy and resources, and emit little toxic substances. ARCHITECT Dr Tan Loke Mun’s dream home is a “green” one – and not just

Condo residents jittery after blaze 05/05/2009 The Star By CHRISTINA LOW
IT WAS a near miss that residents of the Amandari Condominium at Segambut in Kuala Lumpur will not forget easily, and they are now living in fear of a fire outbreak. Lightning struck three units recently, causing a fire and the

Better buildings 05/05/2008 The Star By TAN CHENG LI
A new green labelling scheme is nudging Malaysian builders to put up structures that save energy and resources, and emit little toxic substances. ARCHITECT Dr Tan Loke Mun’s dream home is a “green” one – and not just

Residents losing faith in authorities 07/05/2009 The Star By STUART MICHAEL
EVER since former squatters moved into the Putri Laksamana apartments in Batu Caves four years ago, they have had to deal with poor maintenance, cracking tiles, water leakages, sewage problems and even snakes entering their

Pay backdated maintenance fees or no titles 08/05/2009 The Star By STUART MICHAEL
RAWANG assemblyman Gan Pei Nei has advised Taman Rawang Perdana 1 low-cost apartment owners to pay up backdated maintenance fees to expedite the process of getting their strata titles. For the last 11 years, the owners

Police report lodged over alleged fraud 09/05/2009 The Star
AN apartment management committee has lodged a police report against two men including a former director of a housing development company for allegedly committing fraud and document forgery.


Call for an agency to revive projects 09/05/2009 The Star Story and photo by GEETHA KRISHNAN
THE Selangor government has called for the formation of a special purpose vehicle at the federal level to tackle the issue of abandoned and delayed housing projects


Residents seek clarification 13/05/2009 The Star By THO XIN YI
BOTHERED by various infrastructural problems, Wangsa Baiduri residents want the developer to clarify the status of the common area. According to Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, the developer claimed that it had handed


Owners of cracked homes get RM985,500 13/05/2009 The Star
FIFTY-ONE houseowners in Taman Kota Permai in Bukit Mertajam received an ex-gratia payment of RM985,546 from the Sewerage Service Department as compensation for damage caused to their houses by a sewerage project

Pemaju diberi tempoh hingga Ogos tubuh JMB 14/05/2009 Harian Metro
SHAH ALAM: Kerajaan negeri memberi tempoh sehingga Ogos kepada pemaju yang masih gagal menubuhkan Badan Pengurusan Bersama (JMB) di kediaman bertingkat terutama kondominium di negeri ini sebelum tindakan

3,668 flet kosong 14/05/2009 Harian Metro Oleh Syarifah Dayana Syed Bakri
KUALA LUMPUR: Penduduk rumah setinggan yang masih enggan berpindah ke Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) dinasihatkan berbuat demikian kerana kedegilan mereka hanya menyebabkan pembaziran wang kerajaan.

Form a JMB or face the music, builders told 15/05/2009 The Star By EDWARD RAJENDRA
SOME 900 developers in Selangor who have yet to establish a Joint Management Body (JMB) have been given until August to form the body.

Vacant flats may be sold and not left to rot 15/05/2009 The Star By YIP YOKE TENG and NADIYA AMALINA SAPTARI
INSTEAD of being left to rot, vacant units at Public Housing Project (PPR) flats in Selangor may be available for sale in three months.

Target set on reviving abandoned projects 16/05/2009 The Star By YIP YOKE TENG
THE Selangor government has set a target to revive at least 30 of the state’s 147 abandoned housing projects by the end of the year.

ABANDONED HOUSING PROJECTS: It shows failure of present system 18/05/2009 New Straits Times Letter By CHANG KIM LOONG, Honorary secretary-general National House Buyers' Association
I REFER to the abandoned housing projects situation and would like to delve into the reasons why this phenomenon is plaguing the country. It has to do with the system of selling and buying houses that was put in place by the

Buyers hope low-cost apartment project will be revived 18/05/2009 The Star By CHRISTINA LOW
LONGHOUSE residents in PJS1, Petaling Jaya, are still hopeful that the stalled low-cost apartment project in which they had bought units, can be revived if the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is strict with the developer.


Residents form committee to address maintenance and security issues 20/05/2009 The Star By JADE CHAN
RESIDENTS of the Alora and Mediterranean Apartments in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam, are forming their own residents association (RA) and joint management body (JMB) to unite the community, as well as to solve their


New Housing Projects To Adopt GBI Standard 20/05/2009 eastern.times.

KUCHING: All new housing projects in the State will soon be based on the green building index (GBI) standard so that houses will be more environmentally friendly. Speaking to reporters after delivering his winding up speech at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) yesterday, Housing Minister, Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari Tun Openg, said that the new concept of housing design would be more environmentally friendly and houses would be built in such a way that they would receive more sunlight so that less electricity would be used for lighting.

‘Sell then build’ has worked well 21/05/2009 The Star Property Insights By CHRISTOPHER BOYD
... Finally a little perspective. Last year, 216,702 houses changed hands in Malaysia. 80% were sold in the secondary market. That means they were mostly completed and available for inspection. Only 20% of transactions were sales from developers.

Joy for new villagers as Selangor state gives titles 21/05/2009 The Star Stories by GEETHA KRISHNAN
THE land ownership issue affecting thousands of families in hundreds of new villages throughout the peninsula is still not resolved after more than 60 years.

It's good for both buyers and builders 21/05/2009 New Straits Time By : L.K.T. , Bukit Mertajam
I REFER to the letter "It shows failure of present system" (NST, May 18). I agree that the issue of abandoned housing projects in the country can be resolved by doing away with the sell-then-build (STB) system in housing transactions between developers and house buyers.


Mana CF rumah kami? 21/05/2009 Utusan Malaysia Oleh RASMI ABDULLAH
SHAH ALAM 20 Mei - Semuanya sudah siap sejak tahun 2004 lagi tetapi sehingga ke hari ini, Sijil Perakuan Menduduki Bangunan (CF) masih belum dikeluarkan ke atas pangsapuri Bestari di Seksyen 16 di sini.


MAIS jamin CF diperoleh awal Jun ini 21/05/2009 Utusan Malaysia
SHAH ALAM 20 Mei - Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (MAIS) memberi jaminan kepada pembeli pangsapuri Bestari, Seksyen 16 di sini bahawa Sijil Perakuan Menduduki Bangunan (CF) akan diperoleh selewat-lewatnya awal Jun ini.


Developer waiting for green light from ministry to revive project 22/05/2009 The Star BY ELAN PERUMAL
THE Selangor government has called on the federal government to quickly resolve the issue surrounding the halted police logistic complex project in Shah Alam. The state fears it will add on to the many existing abandoned projects


Residents find out apartments not issued CF 25/05/2009 The  Star By GEETHA KRISHNAN
THE recent freak storm in Kajang that party destroyed the ceiling of several apartment units in Desa Baiduri made residents aware of another problem.


Registering RAs not that difficult a task 26/05/2009 The Star By OH ING YEEN
IN recent years, many residents associations (RA) have been formed as more people realise the need for a unified body to represent the community and decide on issues pertaining to the neighbourhood.
How to form a legal RA


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