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  1. Red tape cut for land title applications 22/09/2003 The Star By Jacobus Raj
    GATED community schemes are the latest trend in housing development in Malaysia, with more and more developers building such communities.

  2. Imprisoned by the Walls Built to Keep 'the Others' Out 19/12/2003 Los Angeles Times by Setha M. Low
    The phenomenon of gated communities — the fastest-growing form of housing in the United States — continues unabated in California and across the nation.

  3. New law to address community living 22/01/2004 NST-PROP By Chris Prasad
    A new law to regulate the rights and duties of developers and homeowners within projects with communal facilities is to be brought before Parliament, in order to fill the existing void in legislation governing this type of housing scheme.

  4. Walls that exclude 06/03/2004 NST-PROP By Salleh Buang
    THERE is a growing number of Klang Valley residents who are moving out of their homes in the "open" and settling into gated communities with their twin attributes of privacy and security.

  5. Datuk awarded RM487,000 over break-in at gated community 08/05/2004 The Star By Chelsea L. Y. Ng
    KUALA LUMPUR: A businessman whose bungalow in a gated community here was broken into has been awarded RM486,988 after the High Court held that the terms laid down in its brochures and sale-and-purchase (S&P) agreement had been breached.

  6. Illegal to bar others from housing areas 17/05/2004 The Star By Egalite, Kuala Lumpur
    The good people at Desa Seri Hartamas have many things going for them. Their houses are well built with spacious gardens and a central playground. This is enhanced by the housing estate sitting on a choice location.

  7. Issues beyond the gates 26/07/2004 The Star The Edge By S.S. YOGA
    THE case in May this year in which a Sierramas resident successfully sued the management company after his house was broken into put the glare of the spotlight on gated and guarded communities. It seems to be a trend lately for developers to come up with more and more of such projects.

  8. Concern over gated housing projects 20/8/2004 The Star
    KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will look into the social impact of gated housing projects, said Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

  9. Neighbours on guard 20/8/2004 The Sun
    BACK IN 1996, the residents of SD9 in Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, were shocked by the brutal gang-rape of a woman in her own home while on maternity leave. Sadly, she succumbed to her injuries a year later, leaving her baby without a mother.

  10. Study needed to understand gated trend 23/08/2004 The Star
    LET me comment on Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting's statement on gated communities, Concern over gated housing projects "The Star, Aug 20). I am glad the Housing and Local Government Minister is very concerned about the latest development in the real estate and housing sector.

  11. Vibrant and safe gated community 24/08/2004 The Star
    I REFER to the various opinions raised in the discussion relating to the development of gated communities. In this day and age where security is very much a concern of all Malaysians, is it any wonder that those who can afford it are willing to pay the extra ringgit to stay in gated communities so that they can sleep peacefully at night?

  12. Debate continues on gated community 28/08/2004 The Star By K.W. MAK
    MUCH has been said about the pros and cons of gated communities recently. Although some people view such neighbourhoods as “elitist” or a form of social apartheid, to some others, particularly those who can afford it, the rising crime rate has made it a necessity of sorts.

  13. Unfair to criticise gated communities 06/09/2004 The Star By V.K. CHIN
    RESIDENTS of gated communities must be surprised by the criticism directed at them for choosing to live in such housing schemes. They have been described as anti-social.

  14. Gated community getting popular 13/09/2004 The Star By S.C. Cheah
    JUST when the gated community concept is gaining wider acceptance, some people claim that such exclusive living may create “social apartheid” in our country.

  15. Laws for gated communities 18/12/2004 The Star
    GATED communities cannot be created because the access roads that have to be blocked do not belong to the residents living in such housing schemes.

  16. Have laws for gated communities 25/12/2004 The Star
    THE Housing and Local Government Ministry has been urged to look into the need for laws pertaining to the construction of gated communities.

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