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Articles of Law by Bhag Singh
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Why settle for less when you can get more?
30/04/1996  The Star
You have bought a house from a housing developer and made sure that all payments were made when due. The loan is in place, and the bank releases parts of the loan according to requests for progress payments from the developer
Charging Land
12/12/1998  The Star
Land is a valuable asset, besides its various obvious uses, it can also be charged to obtain a loan or other financial facilities.
Plight of the house buyer
1998  The Star
The signing of a Sale and Purchase Agreement is a happy occasion for most house buyers as money matters such as the downpayment and loan, would have been settled or arranged for.
Housebuyers vs developers 
14/03/2000 The Star
THERE is much talk about making changes to the law involving housing.
Societies' right to own property
18/04/2000 The Star
MANY activities are carried out using the legal framework of a society. A society needs to be registered under the Societies Act 1966 to be legitimate.
Cracking Up
12/09/2000  The Star
In good or bad times, a person still needs a house to stay in. For some people, owning property is a form of investment.
Being innocent victims
27/11/2000 The Star
Usually one merely uses the phrase "innocent victims" in general conversation.
Landed with problems
06/01/2001 The Star
The purchase of landed property could involve just a piece of land, a house or a commercial building. It involves the commitment of substantial resource in terms of the initial payment and the monthly instalments.
Rights of house buyers
06/03/2001 The Star
In recent months there has been discussion in the press about changes in the laws affecting housebuyers.
Right to peace and quiet
01/05/ 2001 The Star
MORE businesses are located in office and shopping complexes these days.

Missing windows
07/08/2001 The Star
Problems arising from the purchase of landed property continue to occupy the minds of readers.

Crumbled dreams of house buyers
04/09/2001 The Star
BUYING a house and moving into it is not a dream come true for everyone.
Extra costs from bank mergers 
18/09/2001 The Star
WHEN buying a house, a buyer is often led to the bankís panel of lawyers who prepare the documentation and the loan and security documents.
Changes to the law 
30/10/2001 The Star
WHEN difficulties arise because the laws do not provide adequate protection or remedies, the inadequacies are quickly identified as the immediate causes of the problems.

Action against developers
18/12/2001 The Star
A READER says: ďI went to a Housing Developerís sales launch last December and, being impressed by the sales personís recommendation, I booked an apartment.

Articles of Law by Bhag Singh
Other Pages > 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10

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