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The Star Business News (30th Nov. 2013) - Rising assessment rates and your rights (Part 1)

The Star Business News (7th Dec. 2013) - Questioning DBKL's move on KLites (Part 2)

The Star Business News (28th Dec. 2013) - The right to be heard




For those who have not lodge their Notis Bantahan pursuant to Section 142 of the Local Government Act, 1976, please do so, not later than 17th December 2013, otherwise, you may be deemed as having accepted the revaluation - by default.


You may choose to adopt any of the three (3) templates as a guide for objections against DBKL assessment hike, which can be downloaded here:

1.    Sample for Landed Property (Residential - Owner-Occupied)

2.    Sample for Stratified Property (Residential - Owner-Occupied)

3.    Sample for Commercial Property (Shop house for rent and self-usage)


Additional template:

1.    General Objections Notice (If you are not sure which of the above to use)



Disclaimer: Be aware that these sample letters have legal, financial, or other implications. The templates are merely guides to facilitate the process. You are at liberty to improvise the drafts as well as seek independent professional advice, if in doubt. Whilst every efforts have been made to facilitate the lodgement of the Objections letter, we hold no responsibility for any damages or offer indemnity for any losses. You may choose not to adopt the sample(s).

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