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Residents form committee to address maintenance and security issues

20/05/2009 The Star By JADE CHAN

RESIDENTS of the Alora and Mediterranean Apartments in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam, are forming their own residents association (RA) and joint management body (JMB) to unite the community, as well as to solve their problems.

“Our RA and JMB committee members will comprise the same people, and both organisations will be registered by the end of this month,” said RA and JMB chairman M. Gnana Segaran.

“We are actually taking over an existing RA that was formed earlier but had been inactive for five years. We’ve approached the previous committee, who were agreeable to having a new committee registered,” said RA and JMB secretary Robert Phang.

According to Segaran and Phang, the issues that they want to highlight include those on security, maintenance (rubbish collection and lifts), cleanliness, the large population of foreigners, and the right to use the clubhouse and public facilities that are meant for the residents.

“The lifts have not been functioning for quite some time, while rubbish is dumped at several corners like at parking lots or under trees, usually by the foreigners,” said Gnana Segaran.

“What’s strange is that the rumah sampah (room meant for rubbish to be dumped) is left locked, hence residents have no choice but to leave the rubbish outside these rooms.

“We have tried to raise the matter with the local authorities, but nobody is taking responsibility for the rubbish collection.

“We’ve approached the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA), Alam Flora and the developer, but no­­body is claiming responsibility.”

Both Segaran and Phang are upset with the local authorities, as well as the red tape and time it takes for issues to be resolved.

On security, Segaran said there was no proper fencing around their apartments or proper street lighting, and the security posts were usually left empty.

“The large population of foreigners here who also use the public facilities like volleyball courts meant for residents pose a threat to our community’s safety and security,” he said.

On the foreign workers issue, Phang said they blamed the developer for renting out the unsold apartment units to the foreigners.

Segaran estimated that there were 60,000 residents in Taman Sri Muda, and 10,000 to 15,000 foreigners staying in the same area while working in the nearby factories and shops, or as construction workers.

“Once our JMB is formed, we want to sit with the develo­per and its appointed management company to sort out the residents’ problems and maintenance fees collection,” Phang said.

“Some residents have stopped paying the maintenance fees because they feel it doesn’t benefit them as nothing is being done to address their grouses.”

Upon registration, the Alora and Mediterranean Apartment RA will hold its first gotong-royong to clean up their housing area, with assistance from the MBSA and Alam Flora.

Segaran credited Shah Alam mayor Mazalan Md Noor for his encouragement and support in getting the residents to form their own RA and JMB.

Residents who would like to con­­tact the RA and JMB can contact 014-238 4013/ (Segaran) and 017-429 7073/ (Phang).


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