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Residents find out apartments not issued CF

25/05/2009 The  Star By GEETHA KRISHNAN

THE recent freak storm in Kajang that party destroyed the ceiling of several apartment units in Desa Baiduri made residents aware of another problem.

Yap: ‘I have been paying the monthly maintenance fees to the Desa Baiduri Residents Association’
They learnt that the five apartment blocks built in 1999 was never issued the Certificate of Fitness (CF).

Resident Yap Say Heng, 49, expressed his shock after hearing the news from the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) when he called to complain about the incident.

“I have been living here for the past 10 years and pay the monthly maintenance fees to the Desa Baiduri Residents Association. I assumed the association will handle all the necessary repairs. “But when a few of us got together and called them to do something about the leaking roof and damaged ceiling, the association said it wasn’t under its scope of responsibility,” added the home tutor and father of three.

Yap who later contacted the MPKj was told no CF was issued for the apartments.

Councillor Ong Seng Peng said Desa Baiduri was on the list of the council’s abandoned projects and was therefore never issued the CF.

Damaged: Parts of the ceiling of several Desa Baiduri apartments were blown off during the recent freak storm in Kajang.

“The party collecting the maintenance fees now should be responsible for the building’s wear and tear. I was also informed that the residents have made efforts to contact the developer but the company cannot be traced,” he added.

Yap also produced a letter from the association dated Oct 23, 2008, stating it was not responsible for ceiling repairs.

Residents are now in a quandary and may have to fork out money for the repairs.


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