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Form a JMB or face the music, builders told
15/05/2009 The Star By EDWARD RAJENDRA

SOME 900 developers in Selangor who have yet to establish a Joint Management Body (JMB) have been given until August to form the body.

Housing, building and squatters committee chairman Iskandar Abdul Samad said the state government would give the developers three months to form the JMB and if they failed to do so by August, they would face a immediate fine of RM20,000.

If the developers still fail to form the JMB after the fine was imposed, a RM500 daily fine would follow.

“So far about 250 have formed the JMB. Most of these high-rise projects are in Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam and we want the developers to comply and not find ways to milk the buyers of the properties through the building management fees,” he said.

Earlier, Iskandar who opened the Local Authorities enforcement seminar at the Grand Blue Wave hotel in Shah Alam added that developers were easily raking in RM2mil to RM3mil in management fees annually from the high-rise dwellers.

Under the Building and Common Property (Management and Maintenance) Act 2007, a developer is required to form a JMB to oversee the management and operation of the common areas at its high-rise projects.

Common grouses brought to a JMB committee are usually disputes over sinking funds, maintenance charges, utility bills, insurance, house rules and parking bays.

Iskandar added that once the JMB was formed it could pave the way for an easier procedure to get individual water meters for high-rise buildings thus each could enjoy the free 20 cubic metre water given by Selangor.

At the two-day seminar, 160 architects, enforcement officers, engineers, town planners and legal officers from the local authorities were briefed on laws related to local governments and how to enforce them.

“We need to educate our officers on the laws pertaining to the management of the local authorities as at times poor understanding of the legal aspects causes a miscarriage of cases brought forward,” said Iskandar.


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