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Businessman seeks others who share his predicament

15/05/2008 The Star By Geetha Krishnan

More than a decade ago, businessman Alan Tang thought he had stumbled on a gold mine while scouting for a piece of land in Broga, Semenyih, to build his dream home.

The dream did not materialise and, to rub salt into the wound, Tang is being sued for defaulting on loan payments for land he has not yet taken ownership of.

“I bought a plot of land under the Brogaville Horticultural Village project with the intention of building a bungalow overlooking Jalan Broga because I was captivated by the scenic view and the greenery.

“If my dream had come true, my property would be sitting on prime land because the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus is located across the road,” said Tang, who produced a sale and purchase agreement signed in 1996 when met at the site on Monday.

Not mine yet: Tang, who bought this piece of land under the abandoned Brogaville Horticultural Village project in Broga, Semenyih, is still waiting for news.

It stipulated that vendor Rumpun Jadi Sdn Bhd, under MBf Property Sdn Bhd, would be responsible for the perimeter fencing, main road reserve, internal road, drains, sub- stations and telephone mains. The landowner was listed as Tekun Kurnia Sdn Bhd and the encumbrances were charged to MBf Finance Berhad.

The 1,281.51 sq. m plot was priced at RM257,442 and Tang made a downpayment of RM25,842. He later obtained a 90% loan, amounting to RM231,842, from MBf Finance.

“Between 1996 and 1998, progressive payments totalling RM128,623.20 were made to the vendor upon completion of site clearance works, earth works, sewerage reticulation works and drainage works.

The water reticulation works and road works were not carried out.

Cause for concern: The two tokong built into the small hill located next to Tang's plot of land on the abandoned Brogaville project.

“There was no more news from Rumpun Jadi after 1998 except for a letter I received from a lawyer's firm in 2000 announcing the company's liquidation,” said Tang, who subsequently stopped servicing the loan and wrote a letter to MBf Finance requesting for a statement detailing the progressive payments made.

When MBf Finance was taken over later, Tang was asked to settle the outstanding sum and he has been in a bind since. He has also spent more money to engage lawyers to pursue the case.

“My intention in coming forward is to establish contact with others in a similar predicament.

“I hope we can form a committee to pursue the matter collectively,” he added.

Tang also pointed out that two small tokong (shrines) had been built on the plot of land next to his and people were coming in droves to visit the deities. He feared this could damage the fragile infrastructure.

Those keen on contacting Tang can call him at 019-338 0038.


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