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Vibrant and safe gated community
24/08/2004 The Star

I REFER to the various opinions raised in the discussion relating to the development of gated communities.

In this day and age where security is very much a concern of all Malaysians, is it any wonder that those who can afford it are willing to pay the extra ringgit to stay in gated communities so that they can sleep peacefully at night?

I have stayed in various parts of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Where I used to stay in Petaling Jaya, my house was a virtual "prison" with iron grilles all over to provide "security" against thefts and break-ins.

Let me also say that in case of fire, it was a virtual death trap. Instead of keeping "them" out, it was keeping me in. The authorities should come up with laws governing the installation of iron grilles in residential houses.

Furthermore, I hardly knew any of the other residents except my next-door neighbours.

I am now staying in a gated community. Instead of iron grilles in my house, the gated community has perimeter fencing, CCTV cameras and regular patrols by security personnel.

I have been staying here for the past five years and have not experienced any break-ins. My doors are always open, my neighbours come and go any time they wish and, more importantly, every one in my family sleeps well at night.

And I am proud that know all the 32 neighbours on my street.

Some describe these communities as "exclusive" or "apartheid," beg to disagree. I feel I am part of a very vibrant community who cares about each other and the environment we live in.


Richard Poon

Sg Buloh

(via email)


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