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What are the options to get units completed?
22/04/2004 The Star

HOUSING and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting has said housing developers cannot escape paying late delivery fees to housebuyers unless the delay was caused by a natural disaster or where the buyers agree to waive the fees, Ong: No excuses for late delivery of houses, (The Star, April 12).

This and other statements by the minister ostensibly in support of the housebuyers are very encouraging.

Based on media reports, the number of cases of developers not honouring their legal obligations to pay compensation to buyers for late delivery in accordance with the sale and purchase agreement is on the rise.

I am among 400 housebuyers who are facing a pitiful situation.

The developer abandoned the project four years ago after having collected 80% of the purchase price as progressive payments.

Now he is willing to pay only a token sum as compensation that only represents about 5% of the total sum due to us.

The point to consider here is that the project is yet to be rehabilitated.

Meanwhile we, the housebuyers who are mainly from the lower middle-income group, are compelled to pay our monthly loan instalments to the bank with interest.

The Housing and Local Government Ministry has been trying to help us by holding a few meetings with the parties concerned but the matter remains unresolved.

We would like to know the options we have to get our medium-cost apartments completed early without compromising too much on the compensation from the developer.

Petaling Jaya.
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