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Have laws for gated communities
25/12/2004 The Star

THE Housing and Local Government Ministry has been urged to look into the need for laws pertaining to the construction of gated communities.

Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) councillor Aftar Singh said there were no laws for local authorities to use as a guide when approving applications to build such housing schemes.

He said councils now used their own discretion in approving these projects and there were aspects that might be overlooked when doing so and which could result in problems later.

“Once the Certificate of Fitness (CF) for the gated community has been issued and the liability period offered by the developer has expired, the developer will claim they are no longer responsible,” he said.

He said the buyers would then turn to the local authorities to settle the problems that cropped up.

Aftar Singh said this in response to a statement made by Selangor Housing and Real Property Board executive director Alinah Ahmad at a recent briefing at the MPSJ office.

She said there were no laws on the construction of gated communities and that she foresaw problems when the CF application was made as the residential roads had to be handed over to the local authorities.


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