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Company reps walk out of meeting

20/08/1999 The Star

A meeting between Majestic Heights and its Phase I buyers' committee ended with the developer representatives walking out yesterday.

The latter had refused to discuss matters concerning physical completion of the blocks.

It is learnt that the developer's representatives left 10 minutes after the start of the meeting with Housing Ministry's officials and buyers' representatives.

The developer had allegedly said it would leave the problem to the Housing Ministry and buyers.

The Ad-Hoc Committee for Taman Terubong Indah (Majestic Heights) Phase 1 Purchasers said physical work at the building site had stopped several months ago.

Committee vice-chairman Chang Seng Liang said the developer had provided the committee with its work schedule which was supposed to be implemented in mid-July.

"We have been tolerating them but till today there is no progress at the site in Paya Terubong.

"Also, we found out the developer has not obtained clearance from many agencies. To date the Penang Municipal Council has not received any application for CF (Certificate of Fitness) from the developer," he added.

He said the developer should finish building the new Paya Terubong road before buyers could move into their units.

"We fear that if the road construction begins after buyers have moved in, it may pose a danger and cause dust and noise pollution to residents.

"The road is a critical part of the project," he added.

On July 26, the ad-hoc committee had filed a notice through their lawyers to oppose the petition of winding-up filed by creditors of Majestic Heights at the High Court here.

Chang said the committee had registered 545 of the 1,557 Phase 1 buyers for legal representation.

He urged the rest of the buyers to come forward and give the committee a strong mandate to resolve the problem.

Buyers can call Chang at Tel: 012-4708828, Yeoh (Tel: 012-4018188), P.L. Chang (Tel: 016-4154511) or Lee (Tel: 016-4459191).


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