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President’s Message

Originating from a humble beginning as an Association for house buyers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and the vicinity of the Klang Valley region, HBA has now evolved into a National organisation that is geared towards undertaking a wider range and scope of activities throughout the country.

 A home is a basic human necessity and yet there are so many unfortunate people who have had their dreams of owning them shattered.  What is more sorrowful is that most of these cases involve house buyers in the lower income group.

Strictly committed to its Charter in the search of solutions to problems as a result of prejudicial treatment by some housing developers, the HBA has proposed that punitive actions to be taken against those unscrupulous developers as a deterrent to the rest.

As one of its initial projects, the HBA has produced a House Buyers Guide Book to pre-warn house buyers to be prudent with their purchases of houses and to be mindful of the pointers stated in the Book before committing themselves to the purchase. They are advised to consult their own lawyers or avail themselves to the services rendered by HBA before signing the sales and purchase agreements.

The HBA has held “Meeting the Public” sessions, twice a month on the first and third Saturdays (from 2 to 5pm), to attend to the woes and predicaments of house buyers and to propose possible solutions to their problems. And because of the overwhelming response from complainants these sessions functioned by volunteers, has now been extended to every Saturday except for public holidays from 1pm to 5pm. Unresolved cases are brought to the attention of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government or the Ministry of Land & Cooperatives and other relevant authorities to be further investigated and appropriately dealt with. The HBA has also taken the lead to act as mediators in disputes between house buyers and the developers wherever possible. Our objective in such occasions is to attain a win-win solution.

The HBA was also instrumental in the dialogues with relevant expertise during the course of reviewing the amendments to the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1966, which was passed by Parliament last year. There are several more laws that the HBA has mooted and these shall be announced from time to time.

House buyers are urged to give their full support to the Association so that we are able to carry out our noble objective of seeking protection for their rights. Their contributions in the form of expertise, ideas for improvement, etc, would go a long way to strengthen the efforts of the Association in the realisation of an orderly housing industry system for the benefit of the people in the country.

Yang Berbahagia
Datuk Hj. Zainuddin Hj. Bachik


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