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By Hon Sec-Gen, Chang Kim Loong
National House Buyers Association
Venue: Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, KL
Date: Thursday, 19th May, 2005
Time: 7.30pm

Selamat Sejahtera,
Ladies & Gentlemen,

On behalf of HBA, we thank Mr Khong Chee Seng (special assistant to YB Teresa Kok, Member of Parliament Seputeh) for organizing this meeting. Let me introduce my fellow volunteer, Mr. Andy Wong, a practicing lawyer having his own firm and who headed HBA’s legal team when we joined forces with the Attorney General's Chambers to take on the developers in the case where the developers wanted to limit the Housing Tribunal’ retrospective powers and jurisdiction.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Unity is strength

We are glad to be invited here today to address you and to attempt to unite all the affected buyers of this project together. We recommend the formation of a Pro Tem Committee to spearhead the group. Without the few interested and dedicated buyers in any project to spearhead the forming of a committee, the probability of getting anywhere when dealing with issues would be slow or nothing. A united group with a common interest generates synergy that equips you to better resolve outstanding issues. Together buyers have the advantage of numbers. Even political pressures may be generated because, as the saying goes, "politics is a game of numbers".

In this instance, the formation of a united group is important for the following reasons:-

  1. To have a cohesive voice in the interest of the affected buyers (in dealing with the Developer as well as the Authorities);
  2. To be organized when there is need for contacts and communication and to coordinate meetings;
  3. To share the workload should there be a need for sharing of task;
  4. To share resources to maintain or improve the strength of the group;
  5. To safeguard your interest and that of all of the affected buyers and to carry out the wishes of the majority and to put in effect the resolutions and action plans; and
  6. To act as a watch dog on future events that follow.

The crucial first step is getting the affected buyers to volunteer. Without them there will be no Association or Pro tem Committee. Secondly, we recommend that those buyers affected who are in the legal profession, architectural, engineering sector and those in the ‘know how’ in the housing field volunteer themselves without being prompted. Those in the ITC field should volunteer too to form a website on the internet, for owners to interact.

The next step after the decision to form a Pro Tem Committee is the election of members to form a committee. Most committee have between 12 and 15 members. Committee with less people tend to be unrepresentative and more will make it difficult to operate.

The three (3) key roles in any committee are the Chairperson, the Treasurer and the Secretary. The Chairperson is responsible for the smooth running of meetings, allowing all members to have their say, guiding the Buyers' Group (BG) in their objectives and acting as spoke-person on behalf of the BG when necessary. This is a vital position. The Treasurer’s role is to look after the BG's monies and to keep a record of all transactions. The Secretary is the  point of contact with its members and his job involves writing letters on its behalf, organizing and keeping records of meeting.

Good dialogues and careful advance planning among buyers will go a long way towards creating a successful Pro tem Committee.



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